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FOUR STREAMS LTD. is a crowdfund non-equity

company whose corporate objective is to help

people of diverse background raise timely funds

to finance any project, and also mentally equip

her members for entrepreneurship. Four

Streams team, is made up of professionals from

diverse fields who understand the needs of

society and we are committed to raising a people

who will be wealth creators. Our funds were

created with you in mind with in-built universal

autopilot system so you can timely and quickly

meet those financial needs that seem to

overwhelm on a daily basis or even buy a new

car, pay rent, go on vacation, start a new project,

expand your existing business, pay school fees

and other material needs. We also, are

committed to helping aspiring and existing

entrepreneurs realize the dream of start-up or

business expansion. With our Business Training/

Mentoring Packages, Quarterly Business Financial

Grant/Loans to members with classic business

idea/innovation, business owners now have good

platform to be trained and mentored in some

cases. This we believe will prevent business

failures and increase growth. We also reward

everyone who joins our platform through Gift

Rewards to Top Earners, Fully Paid Business/

Holiday Trip Abroad to Top Earners, Free Skill

Acquisition to members who want to acquire new

productive skills, Free Personal Development E-

Books and much. We believe that the essence of

crowdfunding is to leverage on each other’s

strength(s) while helping others rise up to the

ladder of success, that is why we encourage that

everyone who joins our system must belong to a

team/community/cluster of like-minded people

so they can work together to achieving the

desired result. You are not a success until you

have made someone a success. We are

committed to making sure that every of our

member builds a thriving and successful business




Our financial growth path is a 2-level system

designed for you to receive timely funds for your

projects and other personal pressing needs

because at Four Streams we understand that

every financial donation made by any donor is

targeted towards yielding desired result quick,

fast and timely. This growth path is made up of

eight distinct fund packages: Public Fund

Package, Bronze Fund Package, Onyx Fund

Package, Topaz Fund Package, Emerald Fund

Package, Gold Fund Package, Diamond Fund

Package, Platinum Fund Package, plus the soon

expected Cruise Control Plan- You Can’t Beat

This! There are two features that make this

crowdfunding platform stand out: the auto re-

entry and autopilot system that automatically

upgrades a participant to all the fund packages

on first-come-first sever basis without donating

anymore from your pocket. This system is

obviously created to help you raise as much

funds as possible to start-up new ventures and

expand already existing ones. After years of

Research, The World Bank recommends that

developing nations of which Nigeria and other

African nations fall into, should adopt

crowdfunding as a means of raising venture

capital to boast small and medium scale

businesses. To this end, we introduce to you our

unique crowdfunding system/packages that are

designed to help you succeed in any venture.


This is the entry point for all participants on our

platform. The fee is a one-time out of the pocket

donation of N5, 000 ($20 equivalent). When you

make your donation, it is distributed by

percentage to some participant’s projects that

came on board the platform before yours. As you

make your N5,000 ($20) donation, you are

expected to refer and mentor 3 persons who are

expected to duplicate your effort. In this

package, you earn a total of N36, 900 ($123). The

auto re-entry feature re-enters you with the sum

of N5, 000 ($20) re-entry donation, leaving you

with N31, 900 ($106). At the same time, you also

receive a one-time upgrade to the bronze

package leaving you with N16, 900 ($56)

afterwards you will be receiving the N31, 900

($106) every time the auto re-entry occurs in this



As you are upgraded to the Bronze from the

Public Fund Package, your referrals and others

from the Public Fund follows you to the Bronze.

As you receive donations in the Bronze Plan, you

also receive from the Public Fund Package. The

total amount you receive on the Bronze Package

is N90, 750 ($302) after re-entry. This first time

your cycle completes you will receive an

automatic upgrade to The Onyx Fund Package.


As you upgrade from Bronze to Onyx Fund

Package 6 persons follows you from the Bronze

Package you are expected to receive a donation

of N75, 000 ($250) after auto re-entry. You

receive an automatic upgrade to Topaz Fund



From Onyx Fund Package you are upgraded

automatically with 6 persons joining from Onyx

you receive a fund donation of N120, 000 ($400)

after auto re-entry. You receive an automatic

upgrade to Emerald Fund Package.


From Topaz you are upgraded to Emerald Fund

Package automatically. Just like Onyx and Topaz,

6 persons joins you from Topaz to complete your

cycle here and you receive a total N240, 000

($800) donation for your project. You also receive

an automatic upgrade to Gold Fund Package.


As you upgrade from the Emerald Fund Package,

12 people are expected to join you here from the

Emerald Fund Package. You will receive a total of

N1, 042,500 ($3,475) donation for your project.

You also receive an automatic upgrade to the

Diamond Fund Package.


As you upgrade to the Diamond Fund Package,

you need 20 persons to join you here from

Diamond to receive a total of N2, 544,000

($8,480) for your projects after auto re-entry and

you automatically upgraded to the Platinum

Fund Package.


At this fund just like the Diamond, you need 20

persons to join you in the Platinum package for

your cycle to complete. You receive a total of N5,

088, 000 ($16,960) donation for your project after

auto re-entry.



It is worthy, to state here that, in every package

you enter, you will be receiving donations for life

as long as people keep coming onboard. Indeed,

it is an unending guaranteed income streams. Mind u its not neccessary to bring people it  matrix program,Contact me s can add you to our nigerian team ,+2348137634404

This article was published on 14.09.2016 by Akwah Collins
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