Are You Part of Someone's Story?


When it’s time for you to leave this earth, how will your story read? How many lives will you have touched and saved? How many people will you have inspired? Will you be looked at as selfish or as a servant leader? How many unhealthy people will you have helped get their life back? How many people, because of you, will get a chance to live a little longer, look their best and feel their best? How many people who were barely making it financially will you have turned around to become financially free?

You'll see in some of my training topics where I say, “This is your story and you have the pen, so how is your book going to read?” What would you like those you leave behind to read about you?

You have a choice, right now, today, to create the book of your dreams, one chapter after another, and you are in full control of how your story ends. Forget yesterday and forget today. What matters is tomorrow and all the days that follow.

I personally want to be a part of many stories and nothing satisfies me more than witnessing my team members feel better, look better, rank advance and collect the many advancement bonuses along the way. Let's get out there and help as many people as we can get their lives back. When you do, your own successes will seem very small in comparison. As successful as I've been in 30+ years of network marketing, nothing I accomplish feels as rewarding or as powerful as the successes of my teammates.

Seeing a teammate qualify for a new car or earn enough money to be job optional is a feeling you can't put on paper. It's a feeling you have to experience to really feel the impact you're having on others. When teammates who have been heavy most of their life team up with you and lose all the weight that's been controlling them for years, and watch that transformation, it's unbelievable. When you help someone who can't get through the day get an energy boost and accomplish tasks they've been struggling with, it's very rewarding. When you help someone shed years off their face and body or feel young again, what can feel better? When you've helped someone who was working 40-60 hours per week become financially free, what better gift can you give them? Those stories are out there waiting for you, so go create them.

For me, I want to be a part of many stories. I want to change lives and I want to change a lot of them. I want my story to show that I helped people find a better way, that I changed lives, that people became free because of their faith and trust in me.

Who wants a story that reads: I never had much. I never helped anyone, and I lived month to month because money was always tight. Who wants to read that you never got out of your comfort zone and ventured out to maybe have a chance for a better life? Who wants to read that you never traveled to your dream locations because you worked too hard, couldn't get time off or when you did get the time, you couldn't afford the trip? That's what we call a staycation. Who wants to read that you worked into your late 70’s because financially you weren't able to retire? Who wants to read: You lived off credit cards and never owned the home or the vehicle of your dreams? Who wants to read that you were blessed with life changing opportunities and you kept saying “No thanks”? Who wants to read that you had all the potential in the world, but didn't have the vision, the courage or the belief to be more and have more? 

I know that I can't have what I want in life unless I help enough other people get what they want and that's why I am very passionate about what I do and why I give my best to help as many people as possible have everything they've ever wanted. I obviously can't help those who are unwilling, but if we sift and sort and bring in people who will invite our help, that’s when great stories begin.

I am guilty for believing in people when it comes to network marketing because anyone can do it. Not all will, but they can. Once someone joins me, I do my best to get them started in a way that assures them success. Most are receptive, but we will always have those few who will never succeed regardless of how much time and help we give them.

Be proud of people who join you and introduce them to your system ASAP. It's critical that you get people started immediately. Those people had a dream and took the first step, so be there for them every step of the way.

If someone you enroll doesn't make it for one reason or another, don't take it personally. People are people and we have no control over them. All we can do is help them in every way possible and hope they grab ahold of that.

It's hard to let go of people we care about, but we have to. It's not easy and it took me many years to learn how to deal with that and not let people who quit affect me. I did take it personally even though I shouldn’t have. I am guilty for believing that “anyone” can do this business as long as they want it bad enough. I am guilty of pushing my teammates to get out of their comfort zone. I am guilty of helping people dream again. I push hard so that they can one day look back and say it was all worth it. My reward in all this is much greater than fame and fortune. My reward is being on the big stage recognizing my teammates for their success.

Nothing means more to me than listening to my teammates stand on stage and say, “Thank you Richard! Thank you for introducing me to this opportunity. Thank you for your continued effort to help me even though for months I ignored you. Thank you for picking me up when I was down. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you for sticking with me even though for a while in the beginning I never gave you my best. Thank you for reaching out to me even when I barely ever reached out to you. Thank you for guiding me and showing me the way. Thank you for helping me get out of my comfort zone. Thank you for never quitting on me when I wanted to quit so many times. Thank you for standing by me when I gave you so little back at times. Thank you for being a part of “my” story and thank you for helping me stand on this stage, so I can say, I did it.”

That's it, folks. That's why I do this and it's those stories that, to this day, continue to contribute to my book. My book is still being written. I am not going to let life decide the outcome of my book. I live with purpose and I will decide how my book should read.

You can be anything you want to be as long as you understand that in this business it's going to require that you unselfishly help other people first. If you have the mindset that you’re going to help someone reach those first few ranks in your company in the next couple of months, you will get there yourself by helping someone else get there.

Wake up tomorrow, know where you're going, and go help create a positive story for as many people as you can. You got this.

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This article was published on 26.07.2016 by Richard Wyche
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