Urgent Notice: Launching August 1st 2016 in 10 Countries

WOW! We just made a batch of tea and it's soooo rich and dark, (concentrated). In fact, more than anything else we've used before.

It feels so good to have EXCELLENT quality and being THE manufacturer is a BIG key to all of this. 185+ products coming..

Of course, I've tried our tea and this is not new, news to me but staring at it this morning makes me feel so proud of what we're doing at Vida Divina. Get your GAME FACE ON as we move to major, major initial growth!

If y'all could see the results of this detox tea? Towonder Davis just lost 5 pounds in 24 hours. I will get a screenshot and share...

FACTS: She went from 203 pounds to 198 pounds. She only steeped it for 3 hours. And only drank one cup. Now, who's next?+

Ground Floor Opportunity...

Has Gone Viral!!#

Breaking The Internet...

A Few Teasers & Eye Openers:

Tangible Products for Retail✔

Free Corporate Website✔

- 50% to 70% Fast start bonus

- 50% Check match bonus

- 50% Commissions ✔

- Home mortgage bonus

- Yearly paid vacations

- No autoship required**

- Over 33 organic & natural products including the original Detox Tea Formula

- Launching in 10 countries with 14 products from Day One!

Now Back to This Amazing and Original Detox Tea - WE Got It

The Original Detox Tea ‪#‎TeDelgaza‬ a.k.a.‪#‎slimtea‬ is back an better than ever. This is a game changer

❇Steep only 2 hours

❇Makes 1 1/2 gallon of tea for the week

❇Its Amber in color means its more potent

❇Lose up to 11 lbs in 7 days

❇1 cup day

❇12 amazing herbs

❇Better tasting

❇Look at the amazing benefits:

✅ Detoxify and Cleanse

✅ Remove Undigested Waste

✅ Ridding the Body of Toxins

✅ Removes Worms and Parasites

✅ Lose Weight Naturally & Feel Better

✅ And Much Much More.....

TeDelgaza will began to work your very first cup, your waistline will shrink before you know it. Yes its being done.

The only side effect is......You better watch your pants before they fall off

If you haven't joined Vida Divina yet, there's still a window of opportunity for FREE enrollment. Listen to the audio details below then inbox your favorite Vida Divina Affiliate for the sign up link.

http://Teleconference.VidaDivinaAudio.com (English)

http://Teleconferencia.VidaDivinaAudio.com (Spanish)

*If not clickable, open a new browser and type in the address.

Have you ever wanted to get in from the start and beginning of something, like those in Amway,

Herballife, Facebook, Microsoft and etc? Wakeup this is your chance to get in before the 100's of

Thousands, We are already 100,000 Affiliates Strong and Haven't Even Launched the Products Yet.

Save The Date August 1st, 2016 - Millionaires Will Be Laying the Foundation, Will You!!

This article was published on 27.07.2016 by david belton
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