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I wanted to talk about traffic today, I could do another business pitch, but I wanted to do something different.

Everyone who is in the home business world, weather it's online affiliate or selling products is looking for the same, customers/signups, we are all online trying to get those signups, there is free traffic and paid traffic, I have used many sources myself.

I still use many sources of traffic, but if you are looking for good quality paid traffic at a reasonable rate, the main traffic source I have used for over 2 years is

I have had results, they have good ratings, in one of my affiliate sites, to stay in the rotator I am required to have a 1000 hits per week, I pay $9.99 USD for 10,000 visitors, I set it to run for 60 days, not only do I get the traffic delivered but I always get over delivered, way more traffic than I paid for, I get approximately between 4000 - 6000 visitors per week when the traffic I actually paid for I should get about 1200 per week.

There are many sites you can purchase traffic from, there are many sites you can get free traffic from, but I am very satisfied with the traffic I pay for from,

The response for any issues has been positive, I had a few issues in the beginning, I set up the traffic to go to one site and it was the wrong URL, I sent them a support ticket, they responded in a good timely manor, they fixed the issue, there was a couple of other things, my issues always gets resolved in a timely manor.

I will continue to use them for as long as I need to, for many of us on this site trying to contact each other and trying to get each other signed up on our programs, I personally have 4 but I can't pitch them all to everyone, it makes it easier to use paid traffic and other traffic sources, if anyone is interested in using the paid traffic source please click on the link, try it for yourself, also message me if you are interested in any other traffic sources I use.

Thank you for taking the time to read this announcement, I hope you will take my advice and use this traffic, or message me about my other traffic sources.


This article was published on 24.02.2016 by Candace Fijnvandraat
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Alan Holmes Thank you Candace,Traffic is the lifeblood to any offer.There are so many choices.I visited your site and will be ordering soon.Thanks for the tip  2 years ago

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