What is ageLOC? How does it slow or reverse aging?

What is ageLOC? Why are anti aging experts so excited about this breakthrough and what does it mean for you?

We all want to live longer and thanks to advances in personal hygiene, water purification, better food choices and medical breakthroughs the average person alive today can expect to live to be at least 80 years old. Many will reach 100 or more.

The problem with simply living longer however is that our bodies deteriorate very rapidly as we age and most people in old age suffer from any number of ailments, some life-threatening and many just life-diminishing.

The research behind ageLOC products is based on decades of scientific investigation into the genetic causes of life-diminishing old age. Once the causes have been identified we look for nutrient strategies that can be proven to delay or even stop the onset of age related deterioration.

The goal of ageLOC is to allow you maintain your youth as long as possible, to age in a healthy way. We call this Youth Span.

ageLOC is based on gene expression. What do we mean by this term?

Everything that is in our body - our brain, our heart, our liver, our immune system and so on; everything that our body does, such as breathing, movement, thinking, tissue repair and so on; is created by accessing information from our DNA.

Our DNA is created at the moment of conception and contains within it instructions to both create and maintain our body for as long as we live.

Every cell contains the same strand of DNA, duplicated from the original strand in the very first cell of our body. Every strand of DNA contains the same 20-25,000 genes. These genes are like an instruction manual for a body.

Every cell in our body selects from that instruction manual the specific genes it needs for its specific purpose. A bone cell chooses the genes which contain the instructions it needs to reproduce itself as a bone cell. An immune system cell chooses the genes it needs to create the macrophages and killer cells it needs to defeat viruses and bacteria within the body. Choosing and using genes for various purposes within the body is known as “gene expression”.

In the case of aging, our scientists have discovered the genes whose expressions change as we age. We call these Youth Gene Clusters. These genes become less able to interpret the instructions they receive from the DNA.

When these instructions are misinterpreted the genes are unable to express themselves as they did when they were younger. The functioning of our cells begins to decline.

This decline leads to what we recognize as the aging process, including the weakening of our immune system, the loss of muscular strength or skin elasticity, the loss of bone density, wrinkles and age spots, eventually leading to the malfunction we call aging.

ageLOC scientists use a process called heat mapping to measure the changes in gene expression from youth to old age. They then test various nutrients to see which ones can reverse these changes and cause the genes to express themselves as they did when the body was younger.

Once they have identified nutrients that can correct gene expression they are incorporated into our products. When you use these products on a regular basis you will be extending your youth span.

No other company has this science or this technology. Begin to slow the aging of your body today. Contact me for advice on which products to order.


This article was published on 11.11.2016 by Lee Fairbanks
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