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Is Solar Worth It For Me?

I'm sure you have been driving around and see many solar panels around homes. You might ask yourself, how can I get solar.   

Installing a solar system is a big deal. 

It’s a decision that could affect how you power your home for the next 30 years!  

And for most people, it all comes down to the financials: 

“Is Solar Worth It for Me?”

… is a question so many of our customers have. And after helping thousands of people use solar to start saving money on their utility bills, our answer is: “Most likely, yes.”   

It all starts with a basic truth: 

Electricity from the utility company is expensive.

And, even worse... utility companies are monopolized. That means if you rely solely on them for energy... 

You’re at the mercy of whatever they want to charge. It’s a vulnerable position. 

And to make matters even worse:  

The cost of electricity has consistently risen for the past 40 years, with a 40% increase in the last decade alone.  

So if the same trend from the past 40 years holds true, rates will continue to rise. 

And that’s what makes solar appealing to so many people.

Solar allows homeowners to…

1.Create their own energy and stop relying solely on monopolized utility companies for energy...

2.Offset their utility bills by 5 - 40% (depending on your location)(California is usually 40%)

3.Lock in a fixed rate that will never change for as long as they have their solar system installed…

4. Qualify for a 26% Federal Tax Credit that can put thousands of dollars in their pockets

5.And increase the value of their homes

So if you are curious to see if Solar is worth it for you, just click the link below.

It’s a no-cost, no-pressure, no-obligation. 

Like I said before, Solar is not for everyone.  I will be truthful and honest.  If it does not make sense for you current home, I will let you know.  Solar is making sense for many but not for all.

Just follow my link or email me at

This article was published on 07.09.2020 by Mario Diaz
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