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Is it time to start marketing MLM online?

As the internet grows and we learn more about how it really work, more and more network marketers are beginning to understand the power of prospecting online

In the early years marketing MLM online was considered almost blasphemous. Today less so, but still there are many still believing that the traditional methods of talking to family and friends still rule.

Now, there is no doubt that word of month advertising and building that special relationship with someone is a power tool that should still be used. However, the internet  offers so many extra advantages which the personal touch cannot reach.

The fact is that many of the younger or wiser network marketers have successfully learnt how to grow their MLM business online. Unlike in the past, now there is so much choice starting from all the social media site to blogging, podcasting and vlogging.


So, is it possible for anyone to start prospecting online in their MLM business?

Yes, of course

Most of us already have many of the skills needed without even knowing it. The main issue for many network marketers wanting to work online and generate leads for network marketing business is a plan. Most have a general idea what working online involves but believe it is too overwhelming to even consider. And, yes I would agree if you look at all the work that it entails, but as they say:

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time

As your enroller or mentor may have mentioned network marketing is a journey and so marketing MLM online is also a journey.

How to build network marketing business online

There are 3 main elements needed to be successful marketing MLM online and that is:

  • A blog platform
  • A targeted MLM leads generating system
  • Interesting and valued content
  • Social media engagement

Blog platform

Your blog is your base of operation. This is where everything should be aimed at and where your thoughts and ideas should be shared with the world. The key to successful is to get people to read the content you are sharing.

Targeted MLM leads generating system

An auto reply system is a must and it is not an option. Having a quality auto reply system will allow you to automate you lead generation and follow ups.

Interesting and valued content

I believe this is where the real work starts. Creating content is about offering interesting, informative and valued information about the topic you are discussing. This part takes time and a creative mindset, but it is also a process and a journey in itself, because during the writing process you will start to learn something about yourself.

Social media engagement

Content needs readers that engage with what you are sharing and the best way to do that is by using social media. There is a great possibility that people you know and people that you have never met before will relate to what you have shared and what to be apart of your business.

Marketing MLM online

How to learn more about how to grow your MLM business online

I do understand that for those of you who have never worked online before will be a bit confused on how to get started. Fortunately, my team had the same conversation with me which motivated me to publish my very information and empowering eBook "Beginners guide to online prospecting in network marketing".

The eBook is divided into 14 steps and 27 simply tasks that gives the beginner everything they will ever need for prospecting online with any MLM business.

For more details about how to build network marketing business online using my instruction manual click on the "eBook preview" link below and get started building your MLM business today.


This article was published on 09.07.2021 by Steven Jackson
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