How To Continue Creating Content That Gets Signups And Sales Weekly

Anyone who has followed me knows that I am always creating new content, and publishing it online.

Many ask me "How are you able to continue coming up with new ideas, everyday?"

The answer is quite simple, and I will share with you how in this business announcement.

But most of all, I want to share with you how to continue creating content that will get you signups and sales, every single week.

So let's get into it!

How To Keep Content Ideas Coming

First issue for many is the problem of not knowing what to write about.

This is no issue for me, as I use the basic formula below:

  • Reviews of company
  • Reviews of each individual product
  • Tips on every aspect of network marketing
  • Tips for getting more from a product I sell
  • Things I learn everyday
  • Prospects I meet
  • Online strategies
  • Offline strategies

You get the point. Each topic can turn into several different type posts, without ever repeating yourself.

And in time, you can repeat yourself as a newer audience has been built. 

So no worries getting new content up if you begin checking off the list above. It'll keep you busy for the rest of the year at once a day.

How To Create Content That Sells

Here is where the skills come in.

But, the skills are easy to learn.

The idea to getting sales from content, is having a lot of content.

By just creating new content daily, you can get sales on default. Even if you do not try to sell anything in the post.

Using content to get people to your blog, or to learn more about you, will result in people reaching out to you wanting to join you. There is one way to sale using content...

Make lots of it.

Setting Up Sales On Your Blog

When you are writing content, the idea is to not write content based for selling.

Instead, place banners on your blog that can "get clicked" by a curious reader.

With a good follow up process behind it, you can turn readers who simply came by to learn something, into a customer.

So like mentioned above, just produce massive amounts of content, and those visitors will buy from your banners on your blog.

Happens a lot for me.

Using Relevant Links 

Here is one of the best ways to get sales from your content.

When you are giving out valuable information regarding something, you need to use an anchor text in a relevant place.

An example would be if you were writing about "How To Build A Doghouse" and you were an affiliate for a pet product company.

You could mention how you "Keep your dog happy inside the house with his own personal bowl" and link to your personalized dog food bowls from there. 

You don't have to go into details about all the cool things this bowl does, just link to it where they learn these things.

If your content gets read by several people, you bet you will be selling a lot of personalized dog bowls.

The Sale Is In The Value

The best piece of advice to getting sales from writing content, is to make the content valuable.

Just like this piece, I explain something that can benefit many people.

When a person feels they are getting something from me, for free, they are more likely to buy from me.

It helps with the know, like, and trust factor, and it helps with getting more people reading.

Don't make the mistake of just writing content that you think will excite people.

Instead, write content that will benefit people and help solve a problem or teach something.

That is the concept behind getting sales with content.


So now you have the formula to write a lot of content.

Writing a lot of content, creates an audience and it's own sales by default.

Use banners on your blog for occasional sales.

Use anchor texts on relevant offers you write about.

And make sure the content is valuable.

Value will bring the audience and create momentum for you. The rest is just keeping it coming.

Did This Help?

If you got some new ideas, or you liked what you read in this business announcement, please leave a comment below.

Also, let's get connected with one another here on MLM Gateway. I look forward to getting connected with others and sharing tips, ideas, and strategies with all whom I connect with.

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This article was published on 29.01.2019 by Jaye Carden
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