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I heard about so many work from home jobs, but nothing like Jamberry. Well if i'm honest, i never actually took real interest in working from home, because it just didn't catch my eye. But then i heard about Younique, and thought that company was amazing. But only problem was, I don't wear make up, let alone know how to put it on lols. But what i can say is that, i need it haha ! But enough about that.

What got me interested in working from home was when my son was a year and a half, he's not 18mths just yet, but very soon. I was looking and applying for part-time work, something that i could work around him and someone to look after him as well. So i started asking around on Facebook. Asking what options and business opportunities there were out there.

And here along came a kind and helpful lady who gave me all the info i needed, but i don't the backstabbing thing and went to my friend, because she was doing the business, so i asked her and said i was interested in joining, but she wanted me to go under her. I wanted that too because her being a friend, i'll get that support and help that i would need, and she could help me with the business side.

But what i didn't realise was that, I didn't get much support, i got some but not what i was needing. My launch party was a fail, and it has been downhill since then. But what has kept me going and not giving in that i cannot do this, is my son. I want to be at home with him, but also having a income coming in. On the 14th july, it will be 1 month that i've been with Jamberry. I've only had 4 sales, i've sent out 10 samples, bought business cards, little odds and ends to help me with my business. So i've put a lot of my own money in, and have only gained $24 commission. But i feel that this is for me, and something i can do with my son to promote my business. And that i will get there.

So working from home will not be for everyone but i want it to be for me. And Jamberry nails, is a long and slow process for me, but i hope that my business will pick up and it will be something that i can share with everyone.

Whether it is to love these as much as i do, or if its to help them join my business adventure with me so we can go all the way to the top together :)

This article was published on 09.07.2016 by Kellie Moekore
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Dean Hart Hi Kellie! - was really touched by your article and wanted to say Stay Strong - this really does work - promise :)  1 year ago

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