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Looking for Other Business Builders to Join Your Team?

For a lot of networkers, they tend to present their opportunity to people who have never been in or even heard of network marketing.

But there tends to be some big hurdles to get those people into the industry.

-Lack of knowledge of the industry

-Confusion over what a legitimate opportunity is versus a pyramid scheme

-Overcoming a ton of potential objections: (don't have the money, time, experience, etc.)

-Overcoming fear of embracing something completely new

Don't get me wrong, there are tons of new people who've never done network marketing in the past and jumping into the space everyday.

But what about getting other business builders onto your team? Or better stated, getting other network marketers onto your team?

Now this sounds totally crazy, but many networkers are looking for other networkers to get into their opportunity.

Now here's the pros of looking for other networkers:

-General experience or understanding of the space

-Have shown they're willing to invest in something

-Much easier to onboard since they likely understand the process

-Less likely to raise objections

Now there's a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it.

Let's talk about the wrong way to do it first.

Let's say for instance, you approach a networker already in a business opportunity. 

Your first impulse is to try to convince them that your opportunity is better and that they should join your opportunity instead.

This is called poaching and this is a totally unethical way to approach other networkers into your business.

And yes, people do in fact do this. My unprofessional advice? Don't do this.

Now let's talk about the right way to do it.

If you want the step by step process on how to do it, you can click here to get access to a free training video that shows you the exact process.

If you want the gist of it, it comes down to understanding one thing first:

Network marketers aren't looking for another business opportunity. They're instead looking for ways to grow their business.

That doesn't include joining your business.

So you might be thinking, "Why would I approach anyone not looking to join my business but only looking to grow their own?"

That's because you're not looking to give them another business opportunity, but to offer a solution to the issues they might be having in their own business.

And what problems do 99.99% of network marketers face?

That would be leads and sales.

You might be saying now, "I don't have a solution that can address and solve those problems of leads and sales. In fact I would like to have a solution to that myself."

Well it's a good thing I caught you mid-thought, because the system I'm going to share with you will in fact be the solution to your problem as well as being the solution for other network marketers you come into contact with.

And it's called MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP).

In a nutshell, MLSP is a solution based educational system that gives you the tools and systems you need to provide massive value to your prospects.

And yes, that includes providing value to people with network marketing experience but who still struggle with leads and sales.

Now here's the very brief explanation as to how you can get other business builders/network marketers to join your team:

-As I said earlier, Network marketers are looking for ways to grow their business.

-You as a network marketer yourself equipped with the MLSP system now have an actual solution to share with these networkers.

-Your prospect (the other network marketer) has a much higher regard for you because you've just offered a solution to their problem that their upline probably couldn't offer.

-This puts you in a much better position to be able to present your opportunity since you gave them something of value BEFORE your sales pitch.

"What if somebody buys the system from me but still says no to my opportunity?"

Guess what? You still just monetized from a person that says no to your business opportunity as MLSP pays you a monthly commission for as long as that person has the system on them.

Win-win all around!

So your best case scenario for someone that says "yes" to MLSP will end up becoming a business builder on your team.

And your worst case scenario will be them sticking to their existing opportunity but you're now monetizing monthly from your prospect since they bought the system.

See why having an actual system that can create solutions for people can be so powerful?

Well enough with the speech, if you want the full length video to prospecting to networkers the right way, plus access to the full MLSP system, click here to get started.

This article was published on 07.07.2021 by Kevin Williams
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