You Have Been CONNED!!

Well, maybe not exactly. Does this sound familiar? You found what you thought is a great opportunity with absolutely fantastic products. You can’t believe everyone in the world wouldn’t want these life changing products. “They” tell you to just plug into the system, sit back and collect the checks. So you did, only to come up empty handed.

Doesn’t feel good does it?

Or, maybe the business, in all their great wisdom, said, make a list of everyone you know, all your friends and family, go through your phone contacts and tell everyone about this wonderful opportunity. After all, some will, some won’t. And these are your warm leads!

They aren’t your warm leads; they are your friends and family for crying out loud. Warm leads are those who have expressed an interest in your business and/or product. Did they? Probably not.

What has that done? Now you’ve just alienated yourself from everyone you know.

That doesn’t feel so good either does it?

So you’ve done everything the company has told you to do and everything your sponsor has told you to do and guess what? You’ve gotten nowhere. And perhaps now, you feel like you’ve been conned.

You really haven’t, your sponsor means well and of course the company is hoping you will be a recruiting machine but still, you have that feeling in your gut.

And now the cycle begins. You quit, find another business with even a better product and start over again.

Unfortunately, this happens to most that get in the home business industry. Did you know that the home business industry is the largest business segment where the masses simply don’t have a clue on how to run a business, let alone be successful at it? Every day there are thousands who start a home business and every day there are thousands who quit their home business.

Let’s compare a home business to a franchise. What’s the difference between the two? Well, the obvious first answer is cost. A franchise can cost hundreds of thousands and into the millions. YIKES! And guess what? The average franchise owner makes between $50k - $75K per year! In other words, they have spent all that money and really just bought themselves a job.

Another huge difference is the success rate as owning a franchise has a much higher success rate of starting a business from scratch. Why is that? I’ll tell you why, they have a verified and proven system already in place.

Are you tired of feeling like you’ve been conned? What if you could have a home business with a proven system already in place? What if you could start a 14-day trial of this for only a dollar? What if you also had a verified 7-figure earner as your own personal one-on-one coach? There are 15 steps you’ll go through during this trial and you’ll be coached all along the way. Heck, in worse case, set up a reminder for 13 days and cancel. But I can tell you this, regardless of what you do; you will have gained invaluable information that you can take forward regardless of the direction you take.

How about this? Get Step One now; go through it and you be the judge to make the dollar splurge to get the rest. Go here now.

Any questions, just let me know, you can reach me at

This article was published on 02.08.2016 by John Hensley
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