Biggest Binary MLM Prelaunch of 2016

The Biggest Binary MLM Prelaunch of 2016!

Something is hot in the online marketing world and it's a binary which only uses bitcoin.$65k-day.html?id=Franckzeba

Coinomia is an opportunity that provides the user a platform to mine bitcoins, ethereum and other alternate coins without owning and maintaining a complex hardware setup. We also sell the most efficient and reliable rigs for mining to produce profits for the users. Users can also gain power by inviting friends to coinomia!!

Coinomia Reviews Products (Packages)



PV = 1

BTC 3 TH/s

ETH .58 MH/s

Direct Referral Commissions = 8%



PV = 11

Mining Power =

BTC 30 TH/s

ETH 5.8 MH/s

Direct Referral Commissions = 10%



PV = 115

Mining Power =

BTC 300 TH/s

ETH 57.7 MH/s

Direct Referral Commissions = 12%

PV: Potential Volume is used to manage calculation for binary commissions. PV’s on both legs (Right and Left) are matched in equal proportions.

Referral Income: Direct Commissions are the commissions that a user receives as soon as he introduces some one into the system. Determination of commission depends upon the highest purchase made by you.

Very Powerful Packages! And it gives good commission in return, but remember you need to do you hard job at Per-Launch time, you need to build your team, you need one in the right leg and one in the left leg.

Coinomia Compensation Plan :

3 Ways to earn money from COINOMIA:

Referral Commission

The time you introduce someone to Coinomia, you are eligible for a referral commission between 8% – 12%. Determination of commissions depends upon the purchase made by you.

Binary Income

Binary Income is income from matching!

As soon as the direct member joins the network, you get a direct referral commission up to 12% (Depending upon his contract). As of now, when you already have 1 member under you in one of your Leg, you place the other one on the weaker leg to match the Potential Volume. Thus, by matching 1:1 PV, you get Additional $10 Binary commission for matching.

Repurchase Income

Repurchase Binary features table binary in the multiples of 3:3, 9:9, 27:27, 81:81, 243:243, 729:729,2187:2187, 6561:6561. You can earn upto $65610 daily if you and your team perform the level best. To get the benefits of Repurchase, you need to repurchase the product and get incentives from your downline.

Points to Remember:

#1 Spill Placement in extreme Right/Left ! User can add any member on his extreme right or Left to

expand the team !

#2 Daily Cap of 20 PV! Matching = $200/Day for first purchase Binary.

Assuming 180 PV’s Happen On Your Left Leg In A Given Day And 22 PV’s Happen On Your Right Leg , You Will Be Paid For 20 Matching PV’s From Left And Right = $200 ” ” The weaker leg will be flushed and power leg will be carried forward – In this case 158 PV’s will be carried forward ”

#3 Other Important Points:

Affiliate Fees :Every User has To Pay Mandatory Annual Affiliate Fees of $100 and this is only paid once u make

money with coinomia during your first withdrawal /12 monthly withdrawal

Binary Volume Banking

Volume Banking Starts Moment Your Account Is Created In The System . However For FREE Members volume will be deleted after 30 days.

First Purchase Binary Commissions / Repurchase Binary Commissions

It is mandatory to have one direct referral in both left and right legs in order for user to start earning any kind of binary commissions.


You can also generate income without even purchasing any contract through direct referrals!


Create a free account!

Refer users using your referral link. Introduce them to Coinomia.

Expand your team. As the time they make any purchase, you will be eligible for a

Direct Referral Commission of 5% of their contract!

Isn’t that cool, I think this is can really changes thousands of people life!


The free user will only be eligible for Referral commission

of 5% on the contract purchase from his direct referral.

There is no bar in referring users. The user can refer any number of members.

The user will not be eligible for Binary Commissions or Repurchase Commissions.

In case, the user purchases any contract before the expiry cycle

of 24 hours, he will also be eligible for MIning income and Binary Commissions too.

Withdrawals can only be made when the affiliate panel is active.

User can activate his Affiliate panel by paying Affiliate fee of $100/ year.

Is Cryptocurrency Safe ?

Yes, cryptocurrency is Secure.

Cryptocurrency miners help keep the network secure by approving transactions. Mining is an important and integral part of Cryptocurrency that ensures fairness while keeping the Cryptocurrency network stable, safe and secure. Cryptocurrency is a decentralised system, it pushes some security responsibility and control to the end users, especially responsibility for securing private keys that are used to validate transactions. Cryptocurrency security does not rely on access control. Transactions can be conducted over a public network, cannot be forged, and cannot be modified once validated by several nodes on the blockchain. Transaction data cannot be used to re-send payments, as the transaction is only good for those recipients who can unlock the transaction by having the proper key.


Coinomia sounds so promising and you are not losing anything, you can try it for $100 or just for free, this opportunity is a win win, and no one loss, as my experience don’t miss such an opportunity. You can join our solid team as I have mentioned that I personally joined under the top leaders as well, so they will signup a people and I will signup others, join our solid team and leaders to get the benefits of the spillover rotator in our system. you can even message me privately or contact me on facebook .

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