United Games Affiliate. New sports app. Infinite potential, with minimal risk

nited Games is the name of the company that's releasing the sports app. The app itself will be called something else, which hasn't yet been released. The app launches in mid-September and when it does the company is very hopeful it will go viral.

The business plan is like other Multi level marketing formats, except different in a special way. United games has been offering affiliate sign ups for about two months now. To become an affiliate for united games it is a start up cost of $29.99. From there on out it is $9.99 a month but the kicker is it can be cancelled at any time. The $29.99 wont even be debited from your account until the app launches in September.

Once an active affiliate you will be presented with both sales tools and marketing strategies to help sign others. You can sign affiliates or players. Players can sign up for free with an invitation from an affiliate. When the app launches it will cost new players 9.99 at the app store to download.

After you sign a player, or affiliate, everyone they share the game with and get to sign up is now signed up under your name. This is where the pyramid kicks in. After the game launches there will be no other affiliates allowed.

You can get paid in 2 different ways and one of course is through getting someone to signup under you. This wasn’t the part that got me to join, but it did spark more curiosity.

The second way to make money here is when the person that joined under you gets a token. Yup, all they need to do is something they were most likely going to do in the first place.

When I hear about people spending hundreds of dollars in World of Warcraft and all these crazy apps, I always wondered how I could step in on the action to make some money.

I think this might just be the way!


Hasn’t launched yet

Apps are huge

More than affordable

Game seems interesting

No recruiting

Looks promising


Game could be a flop

There isn’t much risk here and there is a chance that the game and/or app is not a big hit. In the end, you really have nothing to lose.

The real money maker here is the advertisements. Every time a player watches a mandatory advertisement while the game is loading will make 10% of what the advertising agency is paying United Games.

The reason for this affiliate program is to get the app to go viral when it launches. And it will.

This article was published on 24.08.2016 by David Belew
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