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My name is Joseph Doyle. 

Welcome, please let me introduce myself.

My home is situated near a small town in Co. Wicklow Ireland.

Everywhere I look my surroundings provide me with spectacular views, of towering peaks and a patchwork of green fields and meadows. Wicklow is known as the garden county, and certainly lives up to its name.      Refer.Com 

Have you had a pet name, or a nick-name since childhood.

Some people may have one, and not use it, perhaps they don't like being referred to by a name, other than their birth name.

Names are funny things, that stick to you, whether you like them or not!

School can be where most children find a name, because their friends are inclined to shorten your birth name, to something simple, for instance my youngest  son was given Jamie as his birth name, but now he is known as Jay, to all his family and friends.

Jamie has a good school  friend, his name is Jason, so you may have already guessed, that his name was also shortned to Jay in similar fashion by his family and friends.

The fun and confusion starts when out socialising, someone in the company is chatting away from the main group, and unintentionally refers to Jay, instead of Jamie or Jason, this can be very confusing for the listener, especially if this person has never met either of the Jays, namely Jamie or Jason. 

On the flip side, my birth name is Joseph, but I never had a problem with my pet name Jody, and have not met or know anyone else with my pet name, apart from the actor Jodi Foster, spelled with an "i" Jody Scheckter , the south African racing driver and Jody, [Jodie] Kidd the English fashion model and television personality. This pet  name stuck to me from child-hood, being given a pet name is a kind and loving gesture, and demonstrates to the receiver, that they are thought of in a  special way and have a deep affection for this person. There is never a problem with my pet  name  because I do not use it professionally as a rule, except using media like my  FaceBook page, Joseph Doyles FaceBook Home Page so my close friends can contact me.

Thank you for your time.

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This article was published on 09.10.2018 by Joseph Doyle
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