[Join Enagic] With High-Ticket Commission, You Can Put the Magic Back in Summer!

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My Story

     After years working at an elementary school, I became acutely aware of one critical thing I needed to change in my life.  This epiphany came to me as I observed my students packing up their belongings, trilling with the anticipation of summer.  The harmony of children laughing and the buzz of their conversation kept my smile wide and heart warm... until it dawned on me.

     Somewhere between taking up my first job and the ever-growing amount of bills, the ecstasy and magic that summer time brought the children had faded.  This sobered me, because in youth, there were always dreams and intention for adulthood to bear the fruits of freedom.  But in fact, the approaching several months off had become a source of anxiety for me, because as a tutor at a school, summer meant another job would need to supplement my income until fall.

     As I mulled this though over, I came to another conclusion.  In my adult life, I have become incredibly familiar with the traditional anthem of:  

"Wake up early, earn good grades for a degree at a decent school, accept a full-time job where I grind my working hours, and after 50 years or so of meticulous work, THEN I will be able to enjoy my life."  

     This moment became the hallmark to one of the most important transitions of my life.  I had stepped into a formula that wasn't conducive to me living a fulfilling lifestyle, but that didn't define my future potential.  I no longer synergized with the traditional career path, and from there, I chose to pursue something new.  

    To plan for my new path, I closed my eyes and envisioned my future.  Homegrown fruits and vegetables filled mine and my kin's bellies, the subtle sound of nature hummed around our community, and the connectivity of everyone's ease blessed our home.  I pictured a life that embodies my passions and dedication, to improving my own personal health and wellness, but also aiding in society’s transition to become more environmentally friendly.   With this in mind, I began asking myself a few different questions:

What are the freedoms I want to experience?

  • Abundance in health and wealth
  • Open schedule
  • Ability to work from wherever, whenever

What would I do with these freedoms?

  • Spend quality time with my family and friends
  • Travel outside my hometown and finally see the world
  • Pursue my passions and hobbies
How can I create freedom in my life?

  • Seek employment where I will be my own boss
  • Earn revenue that matches my efforts
  • Share the knowledge I’ve learned

     Even though I had no experience with entrepreneurship, I began seeking out information and tools to build my own marketing business.  Through my process, I have found the most wonderful entrepreneurial opportunity that matched everything I was looking for, and then some! 

The Company

      I am so, incredibly blessed and proud to be apart of Enagic's distributor family.  Enagic promotes water- ionization systems that transform regular tap water into pure, healthy, electrolytically-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water.  In simple terms, alkalized water is anti-oxidizing (prevents damage from free-radicals like cancer and disease), micro-clustering (water is more effectively absorbed and toxins flushed), and is an environment where cancer cannot thrive.

     My team has created a video that thoroughly explains who Enagic is and the patented compensation plan offered.  Some key points are that you will NEVER de-rank, earn HIGH-TICKET commission, eventually CUT OFF your upline, and have UNCAPPED income potential.

  • https://vimeo.com/332865264

The Platform

     Thanks to the internet, I am now apart of a community of 1,200 people from around around the globe, who have all built a life online. We support each other, share knowledge and data, inspire each other daily, and together embrace a lifestyle of freedom.   This platform is called CEO Movement, and is the single most thing that propelled my business forward as an Enagic distributor.  Here's what's included in your $79 membership:

  • New Member Coaching Process
  • 30 Minute 1-on-1 Coaching Call
  • Facebook Ads Mastery Course
  • Organic Marketing Course
  • Training for Automated Online Sales System
  • Access to the Facebook Community Group
  • Weekly Mastermind Video Calls
  • Daily Updates for Marketing

     I started off with ZERO tech skills, but I followed a series of step-by-step trainings which enabled me to build a strong foundation for my networking business.  Every week, masterminds are produced live to engage with the community and offer valuable advice and updates on the ever-changing algorithms of the internet.  Forging your own path is doable, but it isn’t easy.  With CEO Movement, the path to becoming a successful Enagic distributor has been paved, allowing business goals to be fulfilled easier and sooner.  You can live the life you want - sometimes you just need a hand getting thereMy team and I created a video to explain the opportunity a bit more:

  • https://MirandaCEO.com


     If this information resonated with you, I implore you, check out this opportunity!  I'm inviting you to join me and thousands of others who decided to make the move!   This business is a personal developmental journey with a compensation plan!  All you need is your laptop, a motivated mindset, and be open and willing to learn something new.  

     Our dreams, our aspirations, provide the light to walk down that unknown path to freedom. These aspirations will then allow the availability to live our passions and desires wholeheartedly!  My goal is to use the new availability in my own life to enable as many people as I can by sharing the tools I’ve used to create my successful marketing business.

     Keep showing up, keep applying lessons, and results WILL come!  We all deserve to live a fulfilled life.  Together, we can put the magic back in summer!  Have the courage to make the change!

This article was published on 10.06.2019 by Miranda Scales
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