Anyone can do this and WIN, Success is yours if you want it.

My name is Jason, I am an average guy who found success with Kyani. We have a simple, duplicatable process than anyone can tap into. By doing what I was taught, I was able to go from nothing to a rank that pays my mortgage of $1780 a month and receive the Dream Car program of $5oo a month, in just four months. It is easy and I am enjoying it. My business is growing every month and with it financial freedom and time freedom.

Who doesn't want more time to do the things you love. Who doesn't want more money to do or buy the things that bring you joy. Who doesn't want the ability to schedule their day the way they want because you fired your boss? 

The founders were already extremely wealthy when they created Kyani. They wanted this as a way to create an opportunity for others to become financially free. As a result, they don't make any income. Unlike other MLM companies. The founders want millions of people to actually make hundreds of thousands in lieu of thousands of people making millions. They have made it possible for you and me. 

Kyani was started back in 2007 but immediately went to the Asian markets and then parts of Europe. Recently it went to South and Central America. It has only been in the USA for about 2 years. It is just now starting to take off. 

I have had seasoned Network Marketers look at this. All of them are telling me the same thing. No other MLM has what this has. No other MLM pays out as good as this one. You owe it to yourself to take a good look.

* Real products that really do work and sell themselves.  

* Kyani pays out 52%+ of every dollar in commissions. (that is way more than average) 

* Kyani averages 80% retention with both customers and business partners (that's massive and it means it is working!). 

* Kyani has 1% saturation because it is still new to the USA. Even then tons of potential outside of the USA. 

* In 67 countries, legitimately.  

* Binary plan that gets paid from the very bottom to the top 

* You get paid on both legs, not the weak leg. (no one else does this) 

* No breakaways. The downline you have you keep even if they perform better than you.  

* All products still have a 30-day money-back guarantee, even after 12 years. (proven products). 

* One dollar of every one hundred dollars you make in commission is placed in a retirement account for you. It then grows at a guaranteed 10% annual compounded rate. Pays out at 60 years old. Separate from comp plan.  

* You never have to buy more than $100 to $150 in product, even if you make tens of thousands a month.  

* You are encouraged to create another position for yourself if it helps you make more money. No one has that. 

* Income calculator that will show you what your minimum income will be.  

I can show you how. I can teach you how. Anyone can do this and WIN. Success is yours if you want it. Let me help you.
This article was published on 14.01.2020 by Jason Crowther
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Kyani - Health, wealth, 599 USD to join

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Jerry Caterino Jason - Are you kidding me? - $600 to join - I can't stand to make a fortune with you---I'm going broke - With apologies to Ed Norton and Ralph Kramden - Jerry  8 months ago

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