New day, new adventures in oxygen!

Dear Associates,

There was once a king in India who had a jokester! And every day the jokester would come and tell jokes and play the fool for the king's amusement. One day the king asked his jokester,  "what is the difference between you and a jackass?"

Judging the distance between the two. The jokester said "Sir, I believe it is about 3 feet" the king laughed heartily, even though the joke was on him! It is important to not take things so seriously!

On the other hand,

There was once a great banker, Who kept a very important client waiting. So he could play horsey for his  grandson!

His grandson was more important to him than any amount of money the important client would place in his bank.

We are often told about the next new thing that's come onto the Internet. The thing is gonna make us all rich,

and all we have to do is press a button. Of course the button costs an awful lot of money! And most of the time, only works for a few! So I'm taking my chances!

Today I have decided to tell you of a new product, a friend of mine turned me onto! And I believe it will be very big. People are raving about it, pushing and shoving, to get signed up! And I'm not kidding!

There is one thing that every cell in our bodies needs, and that is oxygen!

This new company has one product and it consists of oxygen and minerals.

Minerals you can't just get anywhere, because if they're not in the ground their not in the food.

So by supplementing oxygen and minerals our bodies can heal themselves better.

And for every single bottle sold, they are supplying a meal to a hungry child right here in America!

It is very important that as we take care of our bodies to become healthy. And,

 We help the people that are around us, especially hungry children right here in a USA!

And the compensation plan very is very good! One of the five ways you get paid, is that if you bring in someone and that person you sponsor does well, you will  receive a matching check!

So if you brought in someone and they did $1000 in a month you would receive a matching check of $1000!

So if you had 2 or 3  people and they all worked real hard and each made $5000, you would receive a matching check for each one of them!

Since everyone is going absolutely bonkers over this product. I set my goal at $10,000 a month!

But after hearing what I just told you, I am sure that $10,000 is too low! It will be easily achieved!

And I will  have to set my goal higher and higher, and encourage everyone to set their goals high as well!

There have been very few products in the last 15 years I've seen take off like this one!

And you can sign up for free and upgrade later!

And it is very easy to grow your down line! With every bottle of product you are given leads and postcards!

All you have to do is teach your people how to put a stamp on a postcard and drop it in the mailbox 

There's a number on the card and when someone calls it goes to the call center answers!

They do the selling. They do the closing and you get the money!

 You would think that this product must cost a lot, but actually is very reasonable!

I love programs were all you do have to do is buy one product on Auto Ship and a whole business comes with it.

So  a bottle of O2 costs $59 and with it you get leads postcards a call center in autoresponder you get the entire works!

It is simply plug-and-play as the saying goes!

Please Listen to this phone call presentation : 

Now I invite you to go to my link and sign up for free!

Your friend and well wisher,

Coach James

This article was published on 12.01.2016 by James Seal
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