Are YOU A 1, 2 or 3?

ARE YOU A 1, 2 OR 3:

When people join me and my company (following a good presentation), I like to ask people a simple question, “what number are you… are you a 1, 2 or 3?” A 1, 2 or 3 is not the number you “think” you are or a number you “want” to be considered. It’s a number that your “actions” are going to say you are. I expand on what each number is further down, but a 1 is a customer who only wants to buy products, a 2 is a person looking to share the opportunity and make just a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars a month, and a 3 is a 2 on steroids. A 3 is someone who plans to eventually replace their JOB with their opportunity income. A 3 is someone who is focused on making their opportunity a career and strives to one day leave their JOB and go full time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a 1, 2 or 3, but we need to know where we truly fit so that the “expectations” of us and those we enroll is clear. I deal with each number differently because they each have different desires and goals. You can’t send a duck to eagle school, just like you can’t force a 1 to become a 3. A 1 can eventually become a 3, but you have to let that person decide that for themselves. Let people get in where they fit in and help them be the best they can be wherever they “fit in”. If that person is moving product, be grateful for that and continue loving on that person.

What you want and what you’re willing to do to get what you want will identify your true number, but first we have to decide the “price” we are willing to pay to get what we want and that price is not money. That price is blood, sweat and tears. That price is commitment and unselfish sacrifices for the betterment of tomorrow. When someone tells me they are a 1, I don’t push the business on them, so I enroll them as a customer. When someone tells me they are a 2, I don’t push them as hard as I would a 3 because a 3 is more career minded whereas a 2 might want “some” money, but not looking for the big bucks. A 2 is very happy doing what they are already doing, but wouldn’t mind some extra money to help with groceries, utilities, a car payment and other bills.

For those who filed for bankruptcy over the past few years, studies show that an extra $300.00 to $500.00 per month would have prevented them from filing. What would an extra $300.00 to $500.00 per month mean to you right now? Let that sink in. What would that extra income do for you right now and how would it change your current quality of life? Even better, what if you went from where you are now to earning an extra $1,500.00 per month? What impact would that have on your life? Guess what…? It’s easier to earn this extra income than people are willing to believe or fight for. Anyone can go from ground zero to making $1,500.00 per month in residual / passive income in 30 days. A less motivated person can do it in 60-90 days. Now that you know, what will your next 90 days look like? Are you going to be where you already are or are you going to fight for this additional income and learn how to maintain it?

This industry is not about hype and hope, it’s about “massive” action and “duplication”, and with or without those two things, you will get back exactly what you put into your business. Nothing in = nothing out. A little in = a little out. Massive and continued action in = amazing results + time and financial freedom. You can’t “perform” like a 1 or a 2 and expect the status of a 3 or the income of a 3. It’s important that YOU know the difference in these numbers. If you tell your Sponsor you’re a 3, you will be “expected to perform” at the 3 level. You’re telling your Sponsor that you’re all in as a 3 and that you’ll do whatever it takes to get through the ranks, your actions need to back that up. If they don’t, you’re not a true 3. Your actions more than your results will make it very clear what your number is. Real effort alone goes a long long way even if results aren’t don’t show it.

#1’s are Basic Customers - These people have no interest in the business side of your company, but love the products and will remain active and hopefully enjoy some loyalty discounts and some FREE products. You can never have too many customers. #1’s are awesome. Any good company offers a way to earn free products. Typically, as a 1, if you help three others become customers, you’ll qualify for free product and may never have to pay for product again as long as those three or more remain active. A 1 won’t get paid in the compensation plan, but free product is free product no matter how you slice it.

#2’s are part time builders - These people don’t have a lot of time or a strong enough commitment to build a business that will allow them to retire one day, so they would be happy with an extra $250.00 to $1,500.00 per month. 2’s will only give a handful of hours a week to work their business. A true 2 will do just enough to earn a few hundred dollars a month. The new business is important, but it’s not “that” important. Most people who claim to be a 3 are really a 1 or a 2. A small percentage of people are a real 3. They “want” to be a 3, they like the idea of saying they are a 3, but their actions, their overall team involvement, their leadership, and their activity will show the true reality. A true 2 will NOT do the things required to be a true 3. They will have more excuses than they have results. It’s perfectly okay to be a 2 if you’re not looking to eventually replace your job and earn all your income from the comforts of your home. A 2 prefers a more laid back lifestyle. A 2 isn’t about speed and urgency. It means more to a 2 to go out with friends, to party, and to watch TV than it means to build a business that will allow them to retire in a matter of 12-24 months. A 2 will sacrifice, but on a very small scale. 2’s may not have staked their flag in one company and may be trying to build multiple opportunities (bad idea). The reality in building multiple income streams is getting one of them running on auto pilot “first”. If not, they will all fail.

#3’s are people who are 100% committed to growing their business - even working part time in their spare time. These people are “all in” and these people are going to make “sacrifices” wherever possible to grow their business. These people have no STOP button. 3’s may have a full-time job, but they are tired of working 50-60 hours per week to help someone else get rich. 3’s are tired of the rat race and not being able to spend quality time with their children or vacation more. What fun is a staycation if there is no money or time to take a trip?

#3’s know what they want and they will not stop until they get what they want. Being a 3 requires a great deal of work, focus, commitment, determination and drive. No matter the early results, good or bad, a 3 clearly knows what it’s going to take and is willing to do whatever it takes and is willing to stick around for the long-haul. 3’s get after it from day one and they make every day count. 3’s work with a sense of urgency that is vital to building momentum. 3’s don’t give excuses, they get it done. 3’s follow systems, they “learn” and then they “teach”. 3’s don’t fade into the background. 3’s are very visible and everyone knows who they are. 3’s don’t get into business and wait “weeks” to get started or get around to telling people about what they are doing.

A true #3 will do the following things.

  1. Will never be lackadaisical about their business. Every day is a day to GROW. 
  2. Will always focus on speed and urgency (this is what creates momentum). 
  3. Will focus on making RANK as fast as possible. Never chase money, chase rank! 
  4. Will focus on making RANK not making money. With rank, the money will be there. 
  5. Will always be self-driven. Does not require their hand being held. Babysitting not required. 
  6. Will “master” the peak, plug and pass system (this is critical to your growth). 
  7. Will understand and follow the Secret Sauce. It’s guaranteed success when followed. 
  8. Will remain in constant contact with their Sponsor. 
  9. Will FOLLOW a duplicable system. NOT DO WHAT THEY “THINK” IS THE BEST WAY. 
  10. Will NEVER rely on their upline to build below them. 
  11. Will DO WHAT’S ASKED of them. 
  12. Will remain focused on RANK and will do what it takes to reach the next rank. 
  13. Will not make excuse after excuse about why they aren’t growing. 
  14. Will always be hungry for success. 
  15. Will always push their team to be successful. 
  16. Will help their personals create their list and set short and long-term goals. 
  17. Will set up local training events or new business launches. 
  18. Will be on most if not all training calls and overview calls. 
  19. Will CONNECT every one of their personals to their Sponsor (big problem - few do this). 
  20. Will “participate” in group and team chats, not just sit back and read what others post. 
  21. Will be very vocal about what they want. 
  22. Will know the key points of their Compensation Plan. 
  23. Will get in front of as many people as they can week after week to expose their business. 
  24. Will focus on building new personals to their first rank. 
  25. Will NOT work in any other opportunity. #3’s stake their flag and work one opportunity. 
  26. Will turn off the TV and remove any distractions from their life for the first 90 straight days. 
  27. Will have a calendar with appointments scheduled. 
  28. Will have a list of 150+ names. 
  29. Will have a vision board on their bathroom mirror. 
  30. Will go public with their business. 
  31. Will plant seeds in a number of Facebook groups and in other social media platforms. 
  32. Will have a Facebook fan page, and Twitter, Skype, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts. 
  33. Will BRAND themselves and become a recognized leader in our industry. You can brand yourself by wearing company apparel, by branding your vehicle, with blogs, a personal website and your person YouTube training that the entire world can have access to. 
  34. Will swallow their pride and “ask” for help when needed. Don’t be shy! ASK FOR HELP! 
  35. Will strategize with upline leaders and “learn” how to be “better” builders. 
  36. Will read books and watch video’s about personal development (we must do this). 
  37. Will do whatever it takes, even if it requires them to be uncomfortable. 
  38. Will pass out business cards whenever possible. 
  39. Will have an unwavering desire to be successful. Their WHY and their FUTURE really matter. 
  40. Will dedicate SET hours each week to work on their business. 
  41. Will establish realistic and attainable goals and will evaluate results often. 
  42. Will “read” training materials that are given to them right away, not whenever. Just 30 minutes a day reading something about your business will do wonders for you. 

Those were just some of the “basic” things a true 3 does. If you are a true 3, your rank, the size of your team, and your commission checks will reflect that. If you’re not a true 3… it’s perfectly ok to be a 1 or a 2. I personally like knowing what members claim themselves to be because it’s much easier to work with them. 

When true 3’s get started, they will not spend their “free” time catching up on soap operas, recorded TV shows or playing online games like Candy Crush, Poker, Card games and other time wasting games. True 3’s know what they want and they put aside any distractions in their life for a 90 day period to grow their business. If you have to take a weekend pass from going out with your friends, do whatever it takes. What you do in the first 30-90 days of your business will tell you what your next year is going to look like.

I need to wake up the sleeping giant inside you. For the 3’s, if you’ve been in your company for a month or two and aren’t even close to reaching your first rank, you are either not a true 3 or you’re not doing the things a 3 is expected to do for results. If you feel deep down that you “are” a true 3 and you’re struggling to reach that first rank, you better be blowing up your Sponsor’s phone on a daily basis to get help? If you’ve been with your company longer than 30-45 days and haven’t personally sponsored 1-2 personals YOU NEED HELP. When your Sponsor or a team leader reaches out to you to help you, you can’t respond that you don’t need help because you need lots of help. You don’t know what you don’t know, so stop the madness and get the help you need to make rank. All you should care about is making rank and helping your personals do the same. There is nothing to be ashamed of when asking for help. Your LEADERS want you to ask for help, so please ask!

Success in network marketing is about doing the small things that will add up to a lot later. Your first few months will always be the hardest, so don’t feel like you’re a failure if you can’t get people to follow you. Are you honestly doing #2 or #3 things to grow your business? Be honest with yourself.

Regardless of the number you place on yourself, be the best at it. If you’re a 1, be the BEST 1 you can be, enjoy the products and share your story of success with a few people to qualify for FREE products. Anything free tastes better and feels better. If you’re a 2, be the best 2 you can be. If you only have 5 hours per week to give your business, then that’s all you have, but make sure those 5 hours count. Be a great 2 and make sure those 5 hours are productive and not used up with busy work. These 5 hours need to be completely dedicated to your business.

If you’re struggling, swallow your pride and set aside the excuses for why you’re struggling. You MUST “invite” and “welcome” the help. If what you were doing was effective, you would be at your first rank or better in your first or second month. The leaders above you have already been where you are, so “listen” to them. If you don’t like what they say or like the little tasks they ask you to do, too bad. Get over it. There is nothing comfortable about building a business. Your Sponsor is on your side and wants you to be successful. Your Sponsor or an up line leader knows how to help you get to the next level in your business, so please trust and listen to them.

Note: Every 2 or 3 member should love the products or services so much that even if they stopped building a business, they would remain a 1. That’s what believing in the products and services really means. It means you are loyal to the brand whether you are a customer or a builder.

Fact: People who are habitually broke are not motivated by money. If they were, they wouldn’t be broke. This is why it’s always best to lead with your products and get as many 1’s as you can. The 2’s and 3’s will surface on their own. People like to buy, but they don’t like to be sold. Lead with your products first and you’ll find the builders.

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This article was published on 20.07.2016 by Richard Wyche
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