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Member to member donation drive

A friend recently had a fire and lost everything. A go fund me was set gup and helped them out a great deal. It got my brain engaged however and I wondered if there could be a way to create a pool of donors that would stand ready to help out a cause, completely of the donors choice and completely voluntary. What better way to create a huge organization of donors than thru a monetary incentive for creating income.

So here’s my deal…we each find 2 people to add as members to our donor organization. The first member will pay you and the second member will pay the person who enrolled you. This will start a perpetual membership drive because everyone will do the same thing over and over again…find 2 people…sponsor 1 and pass 1 up.

Here’s what t looks like:

You 2

1 4 6 8 10 12 14 16

3. 5. 7. 9. 11. 13. 15

You sponsor 1 he sponsors 4 for you 4 Sooners 5 and 4 sponsors 6 for you. 6 sponsors 7 and 6 sponsors 8 for you.

Get the picture? You sponsored 1 and 2 but 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 and forever were sponsored by someone else for you. And it works the same way for everyone.

Now if we each donated $25 per month to our sponsor you would have $200 extra dollars per month to draw from to help out in any cause you choose. And…it only grows from there to who knows how much. Let me know what y’all think…please. I developed this method of sponsoring a good while back but never had a program to attach it to. The beautiful part about this system, besides only needing to sponsor 2 people yourself, is that you’re not sending your money to some big company.?your sending it to a fellow member. You don’t have to build PV or B.V. to get paid. You don’t have to balance legs in a downline. Heck we don’t even have a downline. We grow out not down. Plus you are reimbursed for you membership fee with you 1st enrollment. You ain’t gonna loose money like that. And the potential is unlimited even though you only sponsored 2 people yourself.  Folks, this a no brained as far as I’m concerned. We could do this before any money is exchanged…Put your name on the list and I will place you in the system in the order you are in the list. That way you can see the power of the system without risking a dime. Does that sound fair enough? I hope so. I look forward to meeting you all and building a long and prosperous relationship. 

Thanks, Ron Brown

A call to salvation: gty.orgput your name on the list and as your

This article was published on 22.03.2023 by Ron Brown
Member comments:

Marc Houndji Hi Ron! I am interested. Put my name on the list. Thank you.  2 months ago

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