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You topcheshsya on the spot month, six months, a year. A team is not growing. And check ridiculous.

Humor nikakuschy. Familiar poked his finger and neighing loudly. "Network marketing? Pfft. Do not come to me with this nonsense. "

Even the family is tired you support. "Look, enough already can deal with this garbage, huh ?! I'm already sick of hearing your tales of a brighter future. "

And thus you know exactly what you can wipe all of your nose. Do you realize that if you drive through the familiar in a new Mercedes, purchased at the expense of business, shut up everything. And you know that there are a huge number of people who have already got!

History is full. People are beginning to earn, gain recognition. All life changing!

Why not you? !!! 11 What the hell, is not it? !!!!

I'll tell you what, why do not you move.

Firstly I myself have been periods in the business.

And secondly for 5 years, I have seen thousands of people who have marked time, if not throwing business. And now I can tell you the reason.

And to you, this is also the reason became clear, I will ask you one question. But first, I want you to have in mind drew a picture.

Imagine that you have a business. And you hire employees for the development of your business. That's right on the job. With wages.

He has only one task: to tell people about your product and your business. To find customers who want to buy the product, and partners who want to participate in business development.

The picture is clear? Do you, your business, and one hired employee with the sole objective.

And now, remember the number of your actions over the past week / month. How many people from you personally know about your business?

2 people? Five? 10? 15? Yes. I, too funny.

Important question: what salary you will pay to the person who is doing as much as you do?

What do you say? A week would be a bummer flew home from work? :)

So do not be surprised, then, that your business is not growing. After you have long runs this very lazy. You.

Everything is very simple.

The fact is that for all the time that you sort of "doing business," you have never had such a period, about which we can say, "I give 100%. This is the maximum of my ability, and I put into this business all his soul! "

There was no such period. Well, maybe a couple of hours, something like that has been on your mind. But I'm sure that even the 90 day dash at full power in your story never happened.

You need a strong mentor? Examples of the success of others? Inspiring words? Training is not enough?

Yes, do not la-la!

Most people will benefit not a friendly pat on the shoulder, and a good kick in the ass. And understanding that in ordinary life for a number of actions of people simply dismissed from their jobs.

While you are looking for excuses, all the cream collect those who are willing to plow the result.

No time? Mark.

No money? Find.

You do not know what to do? Learn.

Do not want? I can not help.

The strongest results in the business I wanted, when to make decisions and jerk. Usually 90 days at full power enough to bring business to a new level.

PS In the last Monday I made a decision and started another 90-day breakthrough in your business. During the first week I did as much as did all six months of 2015.

This article was published on 29.08.2015 by Sergey Belokonskiy
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