Ad Rotator , the beginning of something Great!

Dear Associates,

There is a new excitement on the horizon. A new opportunity snowballing down the hill.

I don't know why it seems so unbelievable, Ad Rotator is a wonderful opportunity!

People go to my website, watch  the 20 minute video, and just sign up.

We have people from every walk of life,  all over the world.

I personally have two people in Canada, two people in the UK, a person in Jamaica, a person in Peru,

and I just signed up. I person in the Fuji Islands yesterday.

And I have people all over the United States, and every single one of them has seen the power of the Ad Rotator! And are is excited about it is I am!

It is only $67 to join, anybody can find $67. We have people that have had their 1st yard sale in years,

To come up with the $67 to join. We have people that a pond items to get the $67 to join. 

It is very interesting that in Jamaica one US dollar is worth 119 Jamaica dollars. So that is almost 8000 Jamaican dollars to make $67 US money. That man that signed up in Jamaica, is going to be a Jamaican millionaire very soon!

Ad Rotator is not a machine that rotates ads. Ad Rotator is a movement! A movement towards our success in our on line businesses!

The wonderful teachings that we receive at Ad Rotator can be used in any business or to sell any product online.

Their total focus is on your success, because if you are not absolutely successful, Ad Rotator has a company will never make any money!

That is the whole purpose  at Ad Rotator, so that ordinary people, such as, stay-at-home moms, stay-at-home dads, retired people, student's, those people that work every day, but are underpaid, everyone is welcome!

Maybe you already have a successful business. Ad Rotator can add the extra spice, and give you the finances to advertise your company to a degree that you've only dreamed of.

And it is so much more than a one up Educational platform, with products like how to make your Facebook page go viral in 12 different ways!

These Facebook lessons can be used to sell any item on Facebook, or any product on the  Internet!

I said it before and now say it again, just as I said to the founder himself, "I cannot believe I fell into this priceless teaching for only $67", then I wanted to add, "are you out of your cotton picking mind", but didn't.

This teaching is worth a million , and I'm not kidding!

And I'm only talking about the first level of training. There is another level called the Executive Council.

On the Executive Council. You are able to make suggestions about how the company should be ran.

It is also, on this level that you build your residual income!

Those things are important, but the most awesome thing is the training!

On the Executive level, there are special classes that only the Executive members can attend.

And it's within these classes that the special secret teachings are given.

The things, all those Internet gurus, don't want you to know!

Because if you know them.  then they have absolutely no chance of making any money off of you.

While at the same time, you're out doing them at every turn. Because now you know the inside secret's of how Internet traffic works! And you know how to find your place to receive all the traffic you can handle!

Have you ever heard of a Internet company that gives you a warning not to enroll  over 50 people.

 You might be able to get away was 75 people, but if you go on and enroll 100 people or more.

You might find yourself at Disneyland, and your whole family will be out enjoying the park, while you're stuck in the motel room on the phone, directing your one ups. And helping them get established in their brand-new business!

From where I sit right now at my computer, that would be a wonderful problem to have!

And I have the vision of being the guy stuck in the motel room at Disneyland working with my one up's.

And being very joyful and thankful that the Lord is blessed me with such success!

To be able to take my family to Disneyland, and let them have the time of their life,  while I helped people start a whole new life for themselves!

That is why Ad Rotator is not really a business , it is a movement, towards helping everyone find success on the Internet.

It is everyone helping each other achieve financial dignity, and being able to enjoy life, with their families, without ever having to worry about money again!

And that is a pretty powerful thing to be a part of!

And I think the Lord every day for this opportunity to help others, and that is my WHY!

Please visit my Ad Rotator website! Watch the 20 minute video! And you too will see the power of the Ad Rotator! BUT, My invitation comes with a warning, YOU MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO SLEEP!

Your friend and well wisher,

Coach James 503 919 5123

This article was published on 30.12.2015 by James Seal
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