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Hello Partners :)

Like I said in the Last B.A that I will start explain about my companies that I am associated with AND I really Hope to get your Approval and Support

OneCoin is a Network Marketing Company where the head office is in Bulgaria but most activities are in launched from China and Hong Kong (but it is an International company)

This Company is working in creating the Next Big Thing, A crypto-currency that is stable AND can be actually be called currency (Backed with Gold and assists to support it ). 

Now What this company So great and a good way to expand your income with:

-Easy Payment plans

-You are required to Learn the Trade

-And finally - and most importantly- You still have the Chance to Mine the Coin 

allow me to explain those points:

You see, Crypto-currency is a currency that is letterly generated out of thin air, you be part of on-going system that award coins for every correct result it gets out: for example: what are the possible combinations to generate the number 5 mathematically:

1+4 , 2+3, 1*5, 5+0 , 5-0 , 7-2, 8-3 , 6-1 , 10- 5 and so on

you get a Coin for every answer of those (ofcource the process is much more complicated than this and it is automatic but you get the idea)

now every result is generated in never repeated, so it will be a point that correct results are hard to come by til there are NO correct results available , that you can say the mine is depleted 

Now all other crypto-currency companies build even MORE pools to mine their coins in 

Not OneCoin, Once the Mine is generated an overall cumber of coins of 2.5 Billion Coins, the system will be shut down for EVER

this is make sure there is no inflation in Onecoine and the price will NEVER drop once it goes public

But ofcource til that day comes you need to generate a good profit out of it to wait that long or to mine as much as you can 

here we come to the payment plan: it is simple : you always awarded 10% of whatever package is purchased in your network as follow:

-Direct commission : get FULL 10% commissions of any purchase made from any directly sponsored member

-Network Bonuses: You also get 10% of the packages prices as commissions but they are splitted into:

40% of it Goes to you trader account that will be used in the internal exchange center where you can sell tokens and coins and buy too

the rest 60% will go to your cash commissions and you can withdraw them if you want or buy tokens to mine more coins

there are other bonuses which i will let you discover if you joined me (it is always healthy to keep some things to discover :) ) but thoses are the two main income stream 

now how much worth is the 10%??

well there is 6 packages available now (and a promotional one that may expire any time now))

they are:

- The Starter package: The Starter includes the first level of the OneAcademy online education program. It is an introduction to financial products and trading and provides the student with online reading materials, video presentations, quizzes and certificate to start exploring the OneExchange. (this one Worth 100 EUR)

- The Trader package: The trader package includes both level 1 and level 2 of the OneAcademy online education program. This package is for the people who wish to start learning about trading with asset classes such as gold and cryptocurrency among others. (this one Worth 500 EUR)

the Pro Trader Package: The Pro Trader package includes levels 1, 2 and 3 of the OneAcademy online education program. After completing these courses, you will achieve intermediate trading skills that can help you profit from mining and trading OneCoins. (this is worth 1000 EUR)

the Executive Trader package: The Executive Trader package include levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the OneAcademy online education program. This package provides a detailed description of tools that will improve the profitability of your trades significantly. (Worth 3000 EUR)

The Tycoon Trader: The tycoon trader package is the ultimate product package, it includes all the 5 levels of the OneAcademy online education programme. This package is for those who want to bring their trading skills to the top level and seriously profit from mining and trading OneCoins. (worth 5000 EUR)

the Premium Trader: The Premium Trader package is the ultimate product package for people interested in mining and cryptocurrency, it includes 6 levels of the OneAcademy online education programme. This package is for those who want to bring their trading skills to the top level and seriously understand and profit from mining and trading OneCoins. (worth 12,500 EUR)

what make those package worth so high the fact you get Free tokens to start mining with each one (for example the Premium Trader gives you 150,000 Free tokens) and the difficulty of mining is rising "when I posted this" it was announced it made 40 tokens per coin

so when you think about this (if you are in the company to mine as much as you can, buying a package in the best way to get tokens rather than buying them through the exchange ( you see in the exchange the price can go up and down BUT the packages stays the same, and every time a member decide to get a package to acquire tokens you get commissions :)

and there is a feature Called the Token Split (you will find it in the exchange that looks like a meter) 

once that Meter hits 100% all tokens in reserve (not in mining) will be doubled  (letterly if you look at the tokens like casino tokens you take a token break it in to halves and treat each half as a whole token) 

so accumulation tokens via packages isn't so bad (all packages get ONE split expect the Premium and Tycoon)

the Tycoon has 2 Splits and the Premium has 3 Splits times 

So when you upgrade from Tycoon to primime (after you exhausted your 2 splits) you actually get a THIRD split chance :)

and like you saw even if you don't know what i am talking about (tokens, Mining,trading) you MUST undertake quizzes and PASS them to unlock those features (that way you will never loose something because you didn't know )

those are the MAJOR Highlights (by now the company mined over 400 Million Coins so there is still time to join the band wagin :D )

May I recomemend you start with the Trader and Pro Trader packages (pricy yes but they offer the free MasterCard to be shipped to you so you receive your earnings by it )

To Sign-up uses this Link

OneCoin International: One COin, One World

This article was published on 17.12.2015 by Mohammed Omer El-tom
Author's business opportunity:

OneCoin - Crypto-currency, 150 USD to join

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