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Hello Everyone, I am new to this platform. Am just checking things out a little bit. i must say this is a brilliant idea. How is everyone enjoying it? I find it to be an awesome place to meet and learn more about new people and opportunities. I have been online for about 3 yrs part time and full time for the past four months. After having my daughter i thought to myself there is no way i can continue working a 9-5. So i decided to be a full time mom but also wanted a full time income. I have over the years participated in quite a few opportunities. I think two health companies, A few MlM opportunities as well. At this current moment am opening to other businesses as you know multiple streams of income is amazing especially when you have a combination of passive and residual. There is still so much to learn and so much to see At my age. I would love to retire early, travel the world and give back. So am not much of a writer but i felt like i read somewhere on here i need to write at least 400 words!!! OMG.... i doubt am there yet and i have WRITERS BLOCK!! lol

Anyways i do have 3 amazing business opportunities that is working quite well for me, I 'll share at a later date, I'll have to sit down and type them first then copy and paste here. Please do connect with me. I wish to meet new friends and start new beginning. I do however wished to be introduced to business that are global as i think it's far better when your not limited to who you can add to your company. Since am not yet at 400 words unfortunately i will have to keep typing. So lets talk about my companies a little bit. So am with two companies that involves no sponsoring for you to earn, they do however involved you investing and also a few minutes of your time daily, say about ten minutes. Whilst the other two that am with involves recruiting. i like that i am able to give persons interested choices. as you know not everyone likes recruiting nor does everyone like selling. So if your looking for a away to earn some addintional income online with no hard or technical stuff involved send me a request so we can connect
This article was published on 14.05.2016 by Olivia Brown
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Olivia Brown Thanks everyone :-)  2 years ago
Olivia Brown Hi, Lindsey never really said I was new to the business just new to this platform  2 years ago
Lindie Van Der Merwe Hi Olivia, I'm new at this business as well, so maybe we can help each other. Will appreciate that!!  2 years ago
Dean Hart Hi Olivia - welcome to MLMG ---- you are going to LUV it :) --- catch you later   2 years ago
Brian Adamz I have joined and met serveal people all over the world and have found a very new and powerful MLM.   2 years ago
John Ward Welcome Olivia and feel free to connect :-) Always happy to assist people. Take a look at my own 'announcements too. I am doing a kind of 'Bio' in stages. parts 1 and 2 already   2 years ago
Upenyu Chaurura Welcome to MLM Gateway. It is indeed a great place to network and find new opportunities.  2 years ago

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