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It is time to decide to be successful and be committed to success. Accept that you have struggle to this point. It is insanity to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. You have to be willing to DECIDE, it is high time to succeed and then be committed to be successful. What is success? Success is making satisfactory progress in the direction. Wouldn't you have done the things that will enhance success? If you are not making a satisfactory progress in the right direction, then you are not successful. It takes great honesty and some level of determination to realize that in this global economic meltdown, you need something that will be bringing extra income in a divesify or recurrent ways to meet up with unending daily demands.

This can only be possible if you see what will drive success your way , and you take action in that direction.

I want to introduce a low cost, once out of pocket investment that can grow into a money tree if one is committed to it within a shortest possible time. The name is Four Corners Alliance Group business. It is a decision that you will not regret about taking and you will even beat yourself for not coming across this ample opportunity before now.

As we proceed, the type of salary or income you desire to receive on a monthly basis is dependent on your effort and determination towards your dream. If you work with the right perspective towards the business, you can achieve the kind of success you desire. Everything depends on you as an individual.

If you need a recurring salary where you work once and the salary keep coming even when you stop working the income still continues it is possible.

Perhaps, you need a diversified salary where you work at different sources and have income coming from more than one source. Trust me, the 4C business is the right business in the right direction that can guarantee such income as it has helped hundreds of people to gain financial freedom. Crave for a financial dream of getting recurring and diversified income.

The only thing that can actualize that dream is for you to take action, action!

 The excitement about about 4c business is drive by some factors such as:

1 Worldwide Income Opportunity: If you ever desire to own a global business, the 4C has given you the opportunity to establish a global business at an affordable low cost out of pocket investment of $18 which can be carried out in almost all the countries of the world in as much as:

- The country makes use of international visa card, mastercard, solid pay and China post.

This connotes that no one is limited by his or her Country and you can grow your business online with the advantage of internet and various online tools.

The 4C business is in dollars ($18) but irrespective of your Country, you can as well convert the dollar to your currency using the current exchange rate because you earn in dollars, but get paid into your bank account.

2 Recurring Income: The 4C business enhance recurring income for you, meaning after you might have invested your time, effort and atimes money into the business, it continue paying you for months or years to come when everything has been properly done. Even when you stop working the income keeps coming.

However, there are two important avenue to earn from the 4C business:

i You earn by connecting people to buy level 1 product and start their own 4C business at $18.

ii You earn when the people you connected to the business upgrade to the next level product using 4 x 6 matrix system.

Basically, everyone connected by you to 4C business that maximizes the business plan, you have the potential of earning $559,000 from each person. All you did was to connect the person once for $18 and as he or she make money by connecting other people you have 100% recurring income from that person as 100% matching bonus. Immediately the people you connected to 4C begin to make money, you also make money. It is a win win game.

3 It is an online and offline business: The 4C though an online business can also be run offline. Meaning you can organize home meetings, seminars and print fliers to create awareness and compel people to join the business opportunity to get both prospects and partners. The 4C online business operates 24 hours without holidays. Irrespective of the Country you reside , you can still run the business there without leaving the comfort of your home also, there is a possiblity of getting partners to join the busines from any part of the world.

2 Ways To Earn Money From 4C, 7 Streams Of Income You Make And 5 Ways You Get Paid.

The two ways to earn money in 4C are:

1 Connecting partners to 4C business by recommending level 1 product at $18 (convert to your Country's currency at the current exchange rate).

2 Partners upgrading from level 1 to level 6 products and then to the monthly newsletter.

The 7 Streams Of Income You Make From 4C:

1 Sponsor instant commissions in level 1 to 6 products

2 100% match commissions on level 1 to 6 products

3 Sponsor instant commissions on monthly Financial newsletter.

4 100% match commissions on monthly Financial newsletter.

5 Sponsor instant commissions on Starien newsletter.

6 100% match commissions on Starien newsletter.

7 Retail commissions.

The moment you get started with the 4C business, income stream 1 and 2 is accessible to you. With just this two, you can possibly make $559,000 per partner connected by you to the 4C income Opportunity. It is recommended that in the first six months of the business, you should focus on income 1 and 2 only. In 4C business, you need a minimum of four persons to join with no maximum.

The 5 Ways To Get Paid.

There are 5 different ways you can be paid as 4C business is a global one which you earn in dollars.

1 Pay to card

2 Direct bank deposit

3 DPX mastercard

4 Slid Trust Pay

5 Mobile payment for Africans.

NOTE: You can get the detail explaination of the above from the business plan, this is just the summary of it. Also, the product mention here is not a physical product that you go about campaigning for sales, it is a financial literacy ebooks as you are progressing in the business to another level i.e. from level 1 to 6 you are automatically getting the ebooks. Each level has its own ebooks as an entry level and the ebooks are to educate you on various forms of business that can actually bring financial freedom. To watch the videos, click here:

Your Ideal Prospect Profile

The primary purpose of 4C business is to help people to make additional income (4 x 6 matrix) you recruit 4 persons and they go through level 1 to 6 of the product and they get financially educated using the 4C ebook products.

With the present economic melt down all over the world, they are so many obstacles to financial freedom. You are in the business of helping people to overcome their barriers.

What are barriers:

Income reductionl loss

Increasing cost of living

Small paychecks

Time restriction

Balancing demands which are numerous

Skill - set for the life you want.

Your duty in this business is to identify the profile of such people to enable you identify with them easily. Focus on target audience such as:

People who wants to make money

Those who wants to diversify their income

People who lost their jobs/ unemployed.

Those not happy with their jobs

Students, stay at hone mums, who need money

People who are in debts

People with no time freedom

People with small paychecks

People looking for a business to

People with money worries

People who want to retire or of retirement age etc.

To do justice to the shortlist above, you can see that 90% of your prospect and the population of your Country or City you resides in, is almost covered. It means a solution to their desperate needs lies in your hands, do well to approach them as a solution to your 4C business.

Two Prospecting Methods For Growing Your 4C Bucsiness Income

Prospecting signifies a way of reaching out to thousands of your ideal prospects and enlightening them about your 4C business in which they indicate their interest and become your partner.

We have:

1 Online method

2 Offline method

The 4C business is basically an online business therefore , your new partner needs to register on the internet to start the business. As your business grows, your income also grows. You can use both the online and offline method.

Online Method Prospecting System

The online simply means the prospect are generated with the use of internet. You can create awareness to your 4Cbusiness using the following means of online advertising:

1 Facebook profile and facebook friends

2 Free facebook page

3 Facewbook adverts to a target Country - $100 + per month

4 Blog adverts

5 Newspaper website adverts

6 Whatsapp contacts

7 Blackberry contacts

8 Email Accounts

9 Twitter adverts

10 Instagram

11 Online Newspaper website adverts

Offline Method:

Offline simply means without internet. Since 4C is an online business, both online and offline method can be use together to track and automate your business.

offline method are:

1 Business cards

2 Fliers

3 Radio adverts - live session, one minute jingles

4 Seminars

5 One on one , 2 on 1 presentations

6 Newspaper adverts etc.

The business is for anyone that can use internet, own an email (preferably gmail), can read and write in order to benefit from this opportunity to bank your first $5000 from the comfort of your home no matter the Country you resides. The 4C business has been made open for regular people to avail themselves of this highly profitable industry. What is required for you to become a partner is a one time investment of $18, which can be paid online on the 4C secure SSL- Certified website using your ATM, Mastercard or Visa Debit card and the $18 equivalent will be deducted in your own currency. To join click here:

However, when you want to get started with this self funding business, use my 4C username Aimhigh247 as your Sponsor. See you at the Top.

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