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Welcome to my write-up. First, I know you are here because you want to earn some extra cash  through network marketing. I want you to know that this is a good step in the right direction.

I am Patricia. May I introduce to you FOUR CORNERS ALLIANCE GROUP. Wealth from the 4 corners of the globe. It is an MLM , a forced 4x6 matrix. This means 4 persons wide and 6 levels deep. You sign-up and bring 4 persons with $18 who go out and bring in their 4 persons too. To join this business takes only $18 all-time fee. Actual signup fee is $8, while $10 goes to purchase your first e-book. No monthly targets or purchases.

The business markets e-books on financial literacy which the members purchase in order to move up the ladder. But, do you know what? The meager money is taken from your already existing commission.

Commissions are instant, from $4 to $120. 4Corners have up to 5 income streams or platforms without any extra registration. One of the streams is an 100% matching matrix which enables you earn 100% whatever your down line earns. This means that every referral is just like having another spot in the matrix. Quite amazing. Also, each down line has the potential to earn you over $500, 000 in a year.  Not a hype.

Our e-books cover topics like:

  1. Understanding Precious Metals Investments;
  2. Lessons From The Intelligent Investor;
  3. Dealing With Credit Card Debt;
  4. Multiple Streams Of Income;
  5.  Protect Yourself From Identity Theft;
  6. Investment Principles Diversification And Allocation, just to mention a few.

Now a brief rundown on the earnings:

  1.  purchase first e-book on registration ------ costs $10
  2.  Earn $4 on all the 4 persons on your 1st line  gives you $16    ...... $10 goes for e-book 2
  3.    Earn $4 on all the  16 persons on your 2nd line  gives you $64    ...... $25 goes for e-book 3
  4.   Earn $10 on all the  64 persons on your 3rd line  gives you $640    ...... $60 goes for e-book 4
  5.  Earn $24 on all the  256 persons on your 4th line  gives you $6,144   ...... $150  goes for e-book 5
  6. Earn $60 on all the  1024 persons on your 5th  line  gives you $ 61, 440   ...... $300 goes for e-book 6
  7. Earn $120 on all the 4096 persons on your 6th line gives you $491, 520,   adds up to  $559, 824 possible. possible in 4 months , from just 1 hot referral.

  8. who are your referrals? Come on..... in case you are new to network marketing, they are those within your network: family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors, club members, members of your religious groups, strangers, et al.
This article was published on 31.01.2016 by Patricia Iheduru
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Patricia Iheduru Thanks for publishing. My link was not published. How do I put   2 years ago
Magnus Berg Great post, Patricia. Do you have a referral link?  2 years ago

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Hi All,This business is certainly very robust and going places - a one time payment and everyone helps there downline after getting 2 signups, which of course your upline will help you.Michael.

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