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Elken enjoys undisputable support of our Head Office, a Top 10 direct selling company in Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. Our Distributors' venture with us is a truly rewarding experience as our Head Office is one of Malaysia 's Top 5 Best People Developers. We offer the very same generous compensation plan as documented in Elken Double Bonus Marketing Plan, and enjoy the leverage of skill and expertise of Elken Head Office in every aspect of our management and operations. Elken Hong Kong forms part of the Elken network that spans the international arena. Our opportunity is one of a seamless and equitable measure that transcends geographical boundaries. Everyone, regardless of sex, race, age, economical or educational background is offered the same Elken Opportunity that has been proven for thousands across this region.

ELKEN’s strength lies in its corporate vision which has steered the company to build a solid foundation by its corporate governance, knowledge empowerment, productivity enhancement, continuous innovation and community services. Time and again, ELKEN has proven itself to be a leader in the industry.

As one of the leading direct selling companies in the Asia Pacific region, Elken can help you realize your dreams. Elken also offers the highest commission payouts among direct selling companies in Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. Hundreds of thousands of people trust in Elken and many have discovered the lifetime opportunities. You can be one of them too! With just minimum start-up investment, you will be able to run your own Elken business.

What do you earn when you join Elken?

Flexibility – through working from the living room at home or hosting meetings in state-of-the-art boardrooms provided by the company anytime you wish.

More Time – to spend with the children and not miss out on their growing up or to devote to making it a full-time business. You decide your time.

Freedom of Choice – When you work for someone, they determine your work hours, your salary and often, your career path. At Elken, you create your own job scope – run your own business, hold inventories or concentrate, building people or selling Elken’s success with others. You have a choice of doing what you do best.

Substantial Income Potential – Share the opportunities with your family and friends, be a great mentor for greater financial rewards. Elken pays top commissions. Your potential is driven by your goals and determination.

Long Term Job Security – Did we already mention that Elken is a one of the leading direct selling companies in Asia Pacific? With a decade-and a-half of expertise in building people and a reputation for the highest quality products, you can be assured of sustained support and success with none of the risks common to the less established and new entrants in the direct selling industry.

Health – If you enjoy ice-creams and pizza once in while, go ahead and indulge. You can still enjoy a healthy life with Elken's award-winning health products. After all, Elken’s product portfolio is based on the concept of cellular health, which means you take what you really need, not buy what you don’t!

Fulfilment – In addition to great health and income potential, you will be helping others take charge of their own lives and that, as many can testify, will bring about great satisfaction and fulfilment. That’s what Elken’s brand promise “Builds You To Build Others” is all about.

Exclusive Opportunities – Shop all you want! While enjoying great product discounts, you get paid commissions too.

Here’s your chance to have a balanced lifestyle of family and work at the same time. If you are looking for a job that also allows travelling, then seek no more. Create your own opportunity for advancement by becoming an Elken member today!

Now, after 21 years and still running strong as one of the top MLM companies in Malaysia and Brunei, Elken have taken the business opportunity to the next level of marketing. Introducing iElken Global Online Business. It allows consumers to enjoy good health and beauty while building a massive business. iElken offers a bigger, better and easiest way for you to maintain the healthy lifestyle while running your business from anywhere, as easy as its only at the tip of your fingers. It is obviously stands for International, Internet, Infinity and Intelligent.

The major plan of iElken is to expand business globally up to 100 countries such as Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and alot more. That is why it is international. Millions of people have make use thousands of platforms and social networks as the power of internet have conquered to do online business. iElken is proudly making the step to merge in the internet world, where seamless network is the target.

Online business is always having to create your own platform and get connected to the world to run your business, but would you spend high capital and spend long hours to create, design, making features in only to get started with online business? Worry no more! iElken have set your ready-made platform, a business suite of your own. You will be able to share, connect, upload videos and every needs for you to run your business. You will also be able to share your site, offering people across the globe to see every updates on your site. Any interest from anyone is just a click away on your site to join as your business partner.

In iElken Global Online Business, maintaining happy life in building massive business of course also offers you get the benefits of 4 major types of bonuses. Welcome Bonus, Team Bonus, Mentor Bonus and Quarterly Dividend. Just by recruiting direct downlines, you are already entitled up 20% of Welcome Bonus. Expand and recruiting more people to join in building a big team, you are entitled up to 10% from your second level of downlines. Build massive business up to 7 generations of downlines, and you are entitled 5% for Mentor Bonus. One of the biggest specialty of iElken Global Online Business is offering you weekly payout in US Dollars. As everything runs automatic and you start building massive business, you can even earn up to USD100,000 per week.

So why wait? Start with a pick of your Welcome Pack, inclusive of health product sent to your door and your very own internet business suite, register now for the pre-launch iElken Global Online Business. Click on the link below to join and message us for sponsor iD to complete your registration:
This article was published on 03.05.2016 by Danial Hidayat
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Hi All,This business is certainly very robust and going places - a one time payment and everyone helps there downline after getting 2 signups, which of course your upline will help you.Michael.


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