How To Get A Total Stranger To View Your MLM Presentation

Have you ever prospected a total stranger?

Do you find it hard to get one to show up for a presentation?

For many people, they get turned down before they even offer the presentation, or if they beg hard enough, they find the stranger didn't answer the phone on the according time.

So how do we fix this?

How can we get strangers to show up more often for our MLM presentation?

Here is the solution to getting total strangers to not only show up for a presentation, but be super excited about finding out what you have to offer them!

The Beginning Of The Invite

First you need a stranger you can make a conversation with.

It can be on anything, and they can't know you are in MLM. You just met them.

The idea is to NEVER BRING IT UP - your MLM business that is.

You need to first create a B.I.C (break in communication) to have a reason to leave the conversation quickly.

This can be "I have to be on a meeting call" or "I just remember I have a client to get to in a minute".

This causes the conversation to end, and this is when you'll ask them the million dollar question.

The Pitch

Now you are unable to talk anymore, you must "remember" to ask them something.

This is when you say something similar to "It was great speaking with you 'name'. I really need to get on this call but wanted to ask you if you, or someone you know, is open to making some extra money on the side if it doesn't interfere with what you are currently doing"?

Most cases, prospect will ask you "what is it"?

Now, prospect is not aware you knew they would ask you that, so this is how you handle the most common question...

"I really got to get on this call right now, but I know what we can do. If you give me your contact information, I promise you I will follow up with you and explain everything."

Now if your prospect replies with "I don't give out that info"...

Simply reply "I understand, not a problem. It was great meeting you though".

Most will change their minds when they see you are not going to tell them anything and walk away. They know they have just closed the door on something that may of been a good opportunity for them.

So if they change their minds, great. But you never explain what it is if they are unwilling to give their info.

Prospect Gives Info

Then it worked.

They have no idea what you are going to show them.

They do not know you are in MLM.

And they will be much more likely to be "expecting" your  call in order to find out.

Remember this important tip: You NEVER fold, and tell them what it is. You are in a hurry, and people who are busy are more attractive to do business with.

The fact they do not know what is coming, other than it can make them money, is why they show up.

Don't be afraid to ever lose a prospect because they don't want to give their info. Most will give it once they see you are serious, and care not if they make money. It's their loss, not yours. When they see that, they will mostly want to know more.

What Many Do Wrong

Where many people mess up, is they talk too much.

If you try to explain what you're doing, people will form an opinion.

Most likely, they know someone who tried it before, and that person may of given bad insight to it.

This talking too much, causes both "misinformed opinions" on their end, and "desperation" on your end. 

Remember, be busy.

You must leave the conversation to help someone, and were going to take a little time to help this person out.

Doing it the way I describe above will increase your show up rate by a large margin.

Did This Help?

If you got some value from this, and feel like this has explained how to prospect a stranger so they will show up for a presentation, leave a comment below. Also - SEND ME A CONNECTION REQUEST - and I will accept it so you do not lose any credits connecting with others on MLM Gateway.

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This article was published on 20.06.2018 by Jaye Carden
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