Fund -a-Human is a unique Peer to Peer Donation Platform.  Among The First of Non-Profit Organizations that is recurring ...Give a Donation to Your Sponsor. to Fund his dreams or needs, and in return upon individuals joining the Program you are entitled to receive donated funds to achieve your dreams!   A new and prosperous way of bringing Hope and Inspiration to all Involved. It all begins with a twenty dollar donation to the Human who sponsored you (a bit of Humor) and there are 5 levels in which to grow . once you've been approved by sending your donation you'll be given a website with your personal url to Promote. When some one joins in at least two you've become a team and prosper together as we go thru the cycle. The thing about it you only have one month, as we are not billed it is more less up to you if you would like to continue or not ,but most People Enjoy being active as a lively-hood a very nice way to be compassionate about money in the sense of Sharing! I've joined hasn't been quite a week and I'm in a Dormant stage . Not because I hadn't started Marketing it's really all I have done.  It seems so easy  and incredible when first seeing the video of explanation and invitation  honest and Pure of course you want to be apart of the Movement. so with 26 days remaining I can to do all I can to make a go of Funding a Human That much is accomplish the Real reward to me will be when my efforts pay off by someone or many more responding to my needs because the go unmet for so long I'm desperate to help myself and retain what dignity I have for my Fellow man-Woman. Humanity!  

I think the Founders of This Type of Program Is Right on Tract by Providing a Vehicle for Change and Improvement, The Human is The very Fragile Persona Of God and a remnant of his Chosen and Elect we all Fall short of His Glory.  But even Our Government has Fallen weapons of mass Destruction are created and are costly and useless against the enemy. why can't we love to help and restore mankind before we are extinct?  Julia Bellamy , I invite you today to become apart of the Revelation.

This article was published on 05.10.2016 by Julia Bellamy
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