How Negative Thinking Effect Us

Negative thinking destroys your life. 

It blocks your success 

It gets you down and makes you feel like you 

can't get ahead, and can't get what you want. 

You need to get rid of negative thinking. 

The sooner the better. 

Negative thinking doesn't help. 

Negative thinking blocks your success. 

It makes your life more difficult. 

It brings you more pain, more stress more struggle 

Life will only get worse the longer you 

hang on to any negative thinking. 

You don't need negative thinking. 

But like a bad cold, you just can't seem to get 

rid of the negative thinking. 

You want to succeed, you want to make more 

money, you want to get a better job, meet the 

right person, grow your business... you just want 

a better life, and you deserve to have a better life, 

you deserve to have everything you want. 

But that negative thinking gets in the way. 

You want more, but you think you can't have more 

that you can't have what you want, that you don't know what to do or 

how to get what you want. You think you're not smart enough 

or not good enough... and that's all negative thinking. 

That's exactly the kind of negative thinking 

that blocks your success. 

You have to get rid of it. 

You have to eliminate the negative thinking. 

You start by getting rid of one negative thought, 

changing one negative thought to a positive thought. 

Then you get rid of another and another one until 

they're all gone or have been replaced. 

When you hear yourself saying or thinking 

that you can't do something - tell yourself that you can. 

When you hear yourself saying that you don't know 

how - tell yourself that you do know how. 

You go one step at a time. 

At first your mind will fight back. 

Those negative thoughts will seem too strong. 

That's because they're tied to negative beliefs. 

So you have to get rid of the negative thoughts and 

the negative beliefs. Then you'll free 

your subconscious mind of all then negative and 

destructive patterns that its been following. 

Your subconscious creates your life based 

on your thoughts and beliefs. 

Negative thinking leads to negative beliefs which 

leads to a negative and difficult life. 

You have to get rid of the negative thoughts, 

and the negative beliefs. 

Replace them with positive thoughts and positive beliefs. 

Then your power and your subconscious will create positive situations. 

The sooner you start the better. 

Get rid of the negative thinking that blocks your 

success and creates more misery. 

Give your subconscious and your powers new instructions 

so that they bring you what you want. 

So that you make more money, have more time, get that 

great job, meet the right person, increase your confidence and 

start enjoying your life today .

There are so many ways to become positive. 

I joined a few MLM companies. I believe that each and everyone needs supports and and constant communication to reach their dream. Support and communication is what makes us positive, what keeps us going. 

There is one company that stands out, we are a TEAM 

T = together

E = everyone

A = achieve more

M = more

This company made me grow, not only into the right direction to success but in myself. 

If you want to join  a company that can give you this and much more, please do not hesitate.

This article was published on 05.10.2016 by Lindsey Van Der Westhuizen
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