Work From Home, Receive Benefits, Training, Tools, Leads(Unlimited), & MORE!

Are you looking for a great opportunity to work from home but haven't found it yet? Well, how would you like to work from the comfort of your home while receiving benefits that cover you and your family with up to $156,000 in coverage? Not to mention, you are the boss, so you set your own schedule while we provide the training, marketing tools, leads( yes no looking for people), and so much more! If this sounds like the kind of opportunity you have been looking for, then continue reading.

So let's just cut to the chase. Who doesn't want to work from home while being covered in over $156,000 in benefits and the ability to make 200% commissions, while also having access to unlimited targeted people in the network marketing industry to connect with which means an awesome income, a successful team, and great relationships being built. Plus, you will have the proper tools and training already ready for you once you join. You will basically be receiving two opportunities in one.

Also, the best part about this opportunity is you can easily make a $400 income a week with the leads we provide. How? Well, provided to you will be a marketing system that will give you unlimited targted network marketing leads that only you are contacting. What you will be doing is offering affordable benefits packages that cover individuals and their families for unlimited roadside assistance, health benefits, legal benefits, and travel benefits that all equal up to over $156,000 in coverage. Every time someone purchases a benefits package for $40 our company will pay you $80-$96 per person. So for one second just imagine your finances and how they could dramatically increase. 

Weekly Pay Is Provided Every Friday Via Direct Deposit. Below is an idea of our compensation. 

1 person=$80

5 people=$400(+$2 Bonus Per Person $410)

10 people=$800(+$4 Bonus Per Person $840)

And So On...

Plus even when people decide not to join your primary business, you can still get paid. Yes this can actually happen. 

The system that will be provided to you will give you 100 leads at a time but you will have a lifetime of unlimited leads provided for your business. Basically, every time you run out of leads, we just give you more for FREE. Yes, you will never have to look for people because we provide them to you and they are all targeted network marketing leads. Plus, with the primary business of selling benefits packages, you get paid for up to 5 down lines. Now just imagine joining and not only will you have unlimited leads but everyone in your down line will be able to duplicate the same success because they will all have access to the same system with unlimited leads each, plus training, tools, and more. Not to mention, you can also get paid with the system (Instantly & Daily) and so can your down line.

If this opportunity sounds like the kind of opportunity you have been wanting to run accross then please contact me and I will help get you started and be willing to answer and questions you may have. Below is my business email. 

This article was published on 15.06.2016 by Whitney Booker
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