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Discover How To Cross The Bridge From Tenant To Landlord With #38,000 !

 Dear Sir,

 Join Me In 12 Weeks Challenge To Cross The Bridge From Tenant To

Landlord with just a one time out of pocket of N38,000, using a

special 12 weeks housing program designed by Titans Empire Builders

international, in partnership with Perfection Real Estate Company.

The truth is, in 12 weeks from now you will be saying one of two

things, I’m so glad I did it or I wish I had.

If you are a tenant, living in someone’s house anywhere in the

Country, this special message is for you… I’m urging you to read this

message to the end and see how you can benefit from this development.

Or if you leave in your own house you can still read this message from

the beginning to the end, because by so doing you may help some of

your friends, or anyone you know who is in need of what you are going

to discover here today.

At the end, I will share with you a big opportunity this present to

you and I. Those who are smart enough are taking advantage of this

development and create wealth for themselves.

Here we go…

• Are you a tenant?

• Are you tired of paying house rents to your landlords?

• Will you like to own a home of your own?

• Are You Willing To Sacrifice Just N38,000?

• Do You know someone that also might be in needs of this?

If your answer is YES!!

Continue reading…

To God be the glory, a Game-Changing Deal just went down some weeks

ago in the Country, that will enable anyone who can afford N38,000 one

time out of pocket to own(apartment, bungalow and duplex) in LAGOS,

ABUJA, CALABAR, OWERRI, BENUE, PH, ETC. Through a special 12 weeks

housing program designed by Titans Empire Builders International, in

partnership with Perfection Real Estate Company.

This is an initiative aimed at addressing the economic and housing

problem of the average Nigerian through collaboration, networking and

synergy using real estate investment as the main vehicle to achieve

financial freedom and at least a home for each and every of their


You don’t need to have millions of Naira before you can afford a home

of your own now.

This is the best deal I have ever seen in my life, providing solution

to the problem of basic necessity of life to a common man, ‘the need

to own the roof over their head’

As tenants on this earth, our basic necessities are food, clothing and shelter.

For most people the first two isn’t much of a problem. I know people

that not only provide these for their families but do for others.

Interestingly the third listed, is one of the most difficult to


Today a little-known company in Nigeria just unlocked what some

experts think could be the key to help in solving this shelter

problem, especially in Cities in Nigeria.

Surprisingly, the former Super Eagle Captain, Kanu Nwankwo (Papilo)

who is the brand Ambassador, together with Mr Emmanuel Akpaku; the

first Black man to own a football club in Europe, some Governors and

Religious leaders vowed to support this program in order to end

housing crises in the Country.

The first batch of the participants, who collected their Provisional

allocation Letters last month, the company will deliver their homes on

June 28th 2019.

You can still be one of them if you take action now.

Now I want to share with you a big opportunity these two companies

present to you and me. Those who are smart enough are taking advantage

of this opportunity and create wealth for themselves.

You may ask me how?

Here we go…

There are thousands of business opportunities or programs in Nigeria

right now. None of them is addressing the basic necessity of life to a

common man in Nigerian, except this one.

We all know that almost 90% of people living in big Cities like Lagos,

Abuja, Calabar, Owerri, Porthacurt, etc are Tenants.

Mainly 80% of their yearly income goes to house rent. And these people

are seriously looking for a solution to solve this problem.

To God be the glory, this 12 weeks housing program designed by these

two companies is now available for Nigerians for the first time in the

history of this Country.

Thus creates huge opportunity for 2 sets of people.

1. First set of people:

All Tenants, who leaves in cities and they have been tired of paying

house rent to Landlords.

2. Second set of people:

Those who are looking for a legitimate way to earn an extra income.

This is the best product/ program to promote and make a fortune for

yourself and your family.

I believe you or you have brothers, sisters, relatives, family

friends, co-workers, church members, Facebook friends, Whatsapp

friends, etc who are tenants, spending their yearly income on house

rent, simply because they can’t afford a house of their own.

Today they don’t need to have millions of Naira anymore before they

can afford a home of their own. With just a one time out of pocket of

N38,000 only to participate in this 12 weeks housing program designed

by this company.

Now this is an opportunity for you to introduce this program to them

and the company would reward you with your own house, at the same time

your bank account would always fill with cash.

Not only that, you would have opportunity to travel to Asia, Europe and USA.

This is Interesting…

You can join us and become a partner to disseminate this information.

It does not matter whether you leave in Lagos or any of these Cities;

you can stay in anywhere in Nigeria as

long as you have access to this information.

The truth of the matter is, this opportunity sell itself because the

product is so demanded.

Take for instance; each and every one of you has 200 – 1000 Facebook

friends or Whatsapp friends right now. And at least 70% of them are

leaving in someone’s house paying house rent.

By the time you post information that we are going to give you when

you register and become a member concerning this program in your

facebook wall, or any social media that you belong, you would be

surprise the response you would get from them.

Just 2 people you help to participate in this program, you will have

potential to earn N96,000 – N672,000 weekly.

In fact, you have nothing to lose on participating in this program,

you have everything to gain, because when you register with your one

time out of pocket of N38,000, one of their partnership companies

would give you a souvenir worth of N45,000. In which you can use it or

sale it out if you like and make back your money immediately.

The truth is, in 12 weeks from now you will be saying one of two

things, I’m so glad I did it or I wish I had.

Anybody who is driven to succeed is welcome.

I'm setting out to create a highly engaged community of like-minded

individuals, nobody will be left behind.

And together, we will leverage each other's experience and expertise

to unlock the transformational power of wealth creation through this

wonderful opportunity.

Then you will have access with connections – a powerful network of

people who, like you, are focused on creating more wealth.

Every month we will gather for a millionaire round-table discussion.

So take advantage of our collaboration.

Truly, this is on a first come first serve, the earlier you lock up

your spot the better for you.

And there is something else that makes this opportunity too good to pass up.

I'll show you how in the special report.

I'll also reveal a way for you to…Transform Your position into a

Multi-Generational Income Stream.

When you lock up your spot, your position automatically start to

appreciate in value.

You may also want to take advantage of a special way to score a

one-time windfall from this opportunity.

Down the Road You Could Be Paid an Enormous Lump Sum to Transfer the

Rights to another person. It's easy to find someone to pay a pretty

sum to take over your spot on the distribution list. I'll show you


I want to thank you for giving me so much of your time today.

I'm really excited to see you in the Millionaire Roundtable Discussion.

Again the phone number is: 08039334809

So let's get started!

Have a great day!

Oluwajana Adewale

This article was published on 22.06.2019 by Olu John
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