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I promote   LifeTree World a company based in Manchester in England they started in February 2015 and are a member of the Direct Selling Association. When the company first launched they had around seven hundred products at the time of writing this article in February 2016 we now have over two thousand products a substantial growth over a one year period and such is the growth of the company this is expected to rise to five thousand products by summer 2016. LifeTree World will be selling everything that you purchase from the likes of Asda, Waitrose, Sainsburys etc including frozen and perishable food like dairy and milk products, meats as well as jewellery, fragrances, electronics and accessories all household goods and eventually even holidays.

At the outset in March 2015 there were three hundred distributors registered with LTW at this time there are now over six thousand registered people with LTW that is a phenomenal growth in a short space of time and it is growing bigger by the day.

The beauty of LTW is people can start a business and introduce others and earn money by shopping on line with them, LTW are a very transparent company you are told exactly what they buy the products for and what profit they make on everything an example being a jar of Nescafe coffee will be sold by LTW for £2.80 the profit on that is 50p the reason LTW tell their distributors this is what they share with them a points system that they accumulate you can't imagine many big companies telling their customers how much profit they make on their products.

So what makes LTW different from the other companies in this industry is the traditional way of marketing is the company buys from the manufacturer who send it on to the Distributor who send it to a warehouse and by the time it gets to a retail outlet and before the general public buy the product someone hasthe middlemen and the people paying the middleman is you the consumer. So what is different with LTW it is simple LTW buy the product from the manufacturer and sends it straight to their own premises so cutting out the middleman and by cutting out they share the profits with their consumers.

So now you see the concept of a brilliant business idea how do you look at getting started with LTW, well have you been to Costco as you probably know you buy a membership with Costco and it is the same with LTW for just £35 per year you can become a member and have your own business. You will receive your membership, your license to trade, your own on line web shop which is updated and maintained by LTW so you have no worries about adding new products etc that is all done for you. Also you will receive your own back office to run your business all documents and events along with a dedicated customer service team and dedicated personal training and development where you will be taught mentored and guided to help you succeed in this business.

So how do you get paid with LTW well when you first join you need to become active this means you have to accumulate points not pounds points. 35 points is equal to around a monthly shop of £50 the average person spends between forty and one hundred and fifty pounds per week.once a person becomes active with thirty five points LTW automatically gives them 2% back on their shopping.

The most unique aspect of LWT is the Automatic Tree this is something they put in place as they realise a lot of people in Network Marketing struggle to get a down line so they are creating a down line for them the way this works is that every person who joins the company for thirty five pounds and becomes active with thirty five points they will put them in place in a automatic down line that the company is building. The uniqueness of this is anyone who joins and stays active by just shopping with LWT the company will place people who join after them and place them under them creating their own down line. This will not earn someone instant commissions but after about a twelve period that person can be in line to paid ten levels deep that will equate to being paid between nine hundred and two and half thousand pounds just for being loyal to the company and doing their shopping collecting their thirty five points monthly.

For those wanting to earn money and use the networking side to the business for every person they sign up becomes active they will receive a twenty pound bonus and seven percent of their shopping. Once people are involved in LWT and learnt about the business and started building a down line they can now start to concentrate on building a larger team of distributors where the income and residual bonuses can catapult peoples earnings into the thousands per month.

This really is an amazing business opportunity or for those wanting to shop and pick up a nice bonus in a years time There are no high sign up fees or any monthly subscriptions, just a £35 annual membership fee and that's it!!! So as you can see, it's an amazing business and everyone gets to make some money or get free shopping. If you would like to know more or to discuss this opportunity my details are below, we can also arrange for anyone wishing to go to a presentation in their area of the country thank you.

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Details you will need to join are my IBO 319221 and Last Name Jarvis

This article was published on 01.03.2016 by Phil Jarvis
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Kindly join us for details.You will love the business trust God

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