Gold and Silver - The New Way to Save!

There is a new way to save - and that savings is in gold and silver! Why? Because worldwide, paper currency has diminished in value, while gold and silver stores value! We have all experienced that the purchasing power of our dollar has decreased. Just a local trip to the grocery store bears witness to the fact that it takes more dollars to get less, while income has not kept up with inflation. That's why we are all looking for other streams of income. But do you know what the wealthy are doing? They are "insuring" their wealth by storing up in gold and silver (precious metals) ! And NOW, you can too!

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Hello, my name is Helen Kennedy, owner of HMK Coaching & Consulting. I am an Independent Business Owner for Swiss Gold Global, that provides education, empowerment and opportunity for people like you and me to accumulate wealth through a gold and silver savings program. With a minimum deposit of $25.00, you can begin to realize possession of TRUE WEALTH in 24-karat, Swiss-refined 999.9% Gold and 999.0% Fine Silver. There is no membership fee. Save as often and as much as you'd like (minimum $25.00), and have your precious metals (in coins or bars) delivered right to your front door! This is a great way to gift a savings for your loved ones. Remember, gold and silver is a store of value!

But wait! There's a business opportunity, too. Swiss Gold Global (SGG) is pre-launching its affiliate program in the U.S. on July 30, 2016 in Orlando, Florida, for 3,000 U.S. affiliates. But, you don't have to wait until then to become one. You can get started today and share the word that there's a new economy unfolding...the economy of the wealthy who possess the gold and silver! What does SGG deliver? Real WEALTH...Real KNOWLEDGE...Real OPPORTUNITY! The Real Wealth is the gold and silver; the Real Knowledge is the coaching program that is provided by the generationally wealthy to the new generation of wealthy; and the Real Opportunity is a lucrative business opportunity to share with others how they, too, can accumulate and protect their wealth in a gold and silver savings program.

Either way you choose, as a GOLD/SILVER SAVER or INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER... you win!

Let me show you! For more information, visit me at:
This article was published on 28.07.2016 by Helen M Kennedy
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