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For those who who deal with wellness products (like me) how many times have you been frustrated when you recommend a supplement or product to a person and they DONT buy it simply because you failed to provide substantial evidence that its exactly what they need to help their situation ???

How many times have you lost recruits simply because they couldn't sell the products at hand??

How many times have you missed your targets simply because the literature and training provided by the company at its offices is NOT adequate to move the masses on the field?

The list of SLOW GROWTH REASONS is endles but an ANSWER to the above stressful situations will turnaround your health products sales to record breaking levels. It will create confidence in you as a leader (from your team). In my personal experience with health, skin care, herbal products l can sum it up to MY HUSTLING FOR BUSINESS IS OVER !!

I got myself first a scanning machine as a diagnosis method, easy to use. Step by step guide and it will tell you exactly what a person needs in their system. Remember everything will be displayed on the screen for the person being tested to see!!. After that my team managers were equiped. The rest is history!

Below are some of the common conditions and diseases the Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyser will check for anyone in 60 seconds!

1. Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular 

2. Gastrointestinal function 

3. Liver function 

4. Large intestine function 

5. Gallbladder function

6. Pancreatic function 

7. Kidney function 

8. Lung function 

9. Brain nerve

10. Bone diseases 

11. Bone mineral density 

12. Rheumatoid bone diseases 

13. Bone growth index

14. Blood sugar

15. Trace element

16. Vitamin 

17. Amino acids

18. Coenzyme 

19. Endocrine system 

20. Immune system

21. Human toxin

22. Heavy metals

23. Basic physical quality 

24. Allergies 

25. Obesity

26. Skin

27. Eyes

28. Collagen 

29. Channels and collaterals

30. Heart pulse and brain

31. Blood lipids

32. Gynecology (females)

33. Breasts ( females) 

34. Menstrual cycle (females)

35. Prostate ( male)

36. Sperm and semen ( male)

37. Element of human 

38. Thyroid 

39 . ADHD (kids)

40. Comprehensive report and analysis. 

Its a portable machine, 12cm x 23cm. 97% accuracy. QC tested and Legal,

Good news its available for sale. Grow your sales, save lives, grow your team to success. 

Join the winning team on Facebook (Sportron Dream Team) or Facebook (Qhubekani Njini Ncube )

Cell (+27) 0789859890 


This article was published on 02.05.2016 by Qhubekani Ncube
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