FATHERHOOD - Celebrating the Fathers

To be a man is not an easy task - so goes the saying. And many a times I find myself asking the question; what is there to being a man other than the fact that you are a man? But yet again I find myself answering myself - manhood is not just about being a man. It is the ability to be responsible and take responsibility. It is in actual fact being the head without being bossy! 

It takes a real man to cook a dish, wash clothes, clean the house, take care of the children and assist his wife and not have his ego broken. Its takes a real man to say am sorry when wrong and even when right. It takes a real man to provide for his family..... Most people assume that when provision is mentioned it has to do with only money. I must state that money is one of the means of providing but not the only means. You provide security, companionship, friendship, father-ship, mentor-ship e.t.c. I am a strong believer that you don't have to be extremely rich to be a man, loving husband or good father. It just takes your ability to accept responsibility and strive towards continuous growth and improvement.

In the world where we find ourselves today, you may not be perfect at everything but you should strive towards perfection. Strive to maintain the love and peace in your home, strive to love and cherish your spouse, strive to ensure your children are not missing a father figure in their lives, strive to protect the sanctity and sanity of your marriage, strive to be faithful to your vows. In the changing face of dwindling economy strive to make material resources available as much as possible to your family without replacing your family. 

As a father you must create more streams of income, start a business, take advantage of the Internet world but never trade your family for the streams of income or the Internet world, always apply balance. Remember father-hood is simply leadership by example, what you sow is definitely what you will reap in old age. Be available, don't be a tyrant, don't be a boss, be a husband, be a lover, be the priest, be the leader.

Remember; it takes a real man to be a father.

Happy father's day to all the real men out there.
This article was published on 17.06.2016 by Ruth Essien
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