Top 3 Workout that will guide you on how to jump higher

If you are looking for some of the exercises that will guide you on how to jump higher, then you are at the right place. Today we will tell you about some exercise that will increase your muscles power and will help you to solve the question of how to jump higher. You just need to spend some of your time in doing these exercises.

How to Jump Higher

Sometimes you see a sportsperson leaping higher and though that how they are able to do it. They do a lot of practice to achieve that high level of the jump. You can also do the same thing as they do with a little amount of practice. You need to do a bit amount of work on your leg muscles in order to leap higher. Below are some of the exercises that will help you on how to jump higher.

Glute Bridge Exercise

Glute Bridge Exercise assists you in increasing your jumping ability. This is a great exercise to help tighten up the rear end and build some muscles in the glute. Some of the people might be doing this exercise, and some of you might be doing it with weight. This is the nonweighted version.

You have to pay attention to the key points. Because even if you are doing it with weights or if you are not doing it the right way, you are not going to maximize the amount of glute that you are going stimulate throughout this exercise. It also increases your body power. You will feel more energetic after doing this exercise.

When you set up to do this exercise, you are going to bring your heels as close to your butts as possible. You also want to keep in your mind back is flat on the ground and keep your core tight. You may additionally have the option to use your arms to help keep your body stable.

Seated Calf Raise

Seated Calf Raise increase your leg muscles strength. The more your leg is stronger, the more you will be able to leap better. It does work on one of the calf muscles. It helps to improve the elasticity to allow blood to get through to your body as well.

This exercise also helps to burn some amount of calories and also help you to lose weight. It increases the flexibility of your leg and assists you to leap higher. While doing it make sure that the pad isn’t too high because you are not going to get a full contraction at the top, make sure that it is placed onto your thighs when it feels a drop-down at the bottom.

Then you are going to lift, pushing through the inside of your toes and you can pull the support edge. Hold on to the handle, so it doesn’t slide off your side. Go up and then slow down. Contract on the top for about a second and then go slowly down.


The hip flexor stretch guides you to improve the hips. It additionally enables you to deliver your leg toward your abdomen, and it's also going to tilt the pelvis as nicely which will increase the power of your leg muscle mass and to help you to leap better. However, people do a number of the errors will doing Hip Flexor Stretch. It makes your hip stronger and makes your lower body strength stronger.

The primary mistake while doing hip flexor stretch is the shortage of posterior pelvic tilt. To get a complete stretch at the hip flexor, you need to ensure which you tilt your pelvis posteriorly. Regardless of what stretch you're doing for the hip flexor, you will experience a dramatic growth within the level of stretch.

It’s additionally going to assist loosen the hip flexor and that group of muscle mass of your legs. That is a tough workout to do. You need to have experience in weight lifting in case you want to carry out this exercising. The more you are going to practice these exercises, the more you will be able to jump better.

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