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My name is Dereck. I am Polish living in Miami, Florida. I came to this country 15 years ago. Almost 10 years I am involved in online marketing. I decided to write some of my conclusions and to share with all the members of MLMGATEWAY. So how did I began my online adventure. 20 years ago I studied theology and philosophy in Cracow and Warsaw, Poland. It was one summer vacations that I was looking for a job. It was an ad in the local newspaper: We are looking some people for the position in the warehouse. I went to the office. I filled the application and I got the message: We accept you. Remember, I was looking for something that does not require too much, simple physical job. The boss told me: Listen, it was today over 20 candidates. We accepted only 2 guys. We will tell you what you will to do, but today you just will go with this lady and you will help her. it was a woman, younger than me. She had two big travel bags. She was pregnant. It was another young man with us. They have been well dressed, very nice. It was 8:30 AM. We have been drinking tea. At 9 AM the lady said: OK we begin. We went to the main street, knocking from one business door, to another business door. She  had in the bags toys. She was doing 1 minute presentation, smiling, selling. It was not job. It was I never saw in my life. I never ever was selling anything. I was shy, almost afraid of people. But now I saw the lady earning money just all the time smiling. I saw the some people say yes, another no, and another maybe tomorrow. But finally at 2 PM we have finished and two her bags, were empty. She earned the amount  of money that in the traditional job would take 3 days. A lot of money, cash. Wow. At the end she asked me: Would you be able to do the same I did. I said sure. I can do it. Your job was fun. o have been smiling all the time. I got the next day 12 products. After some time I had empty bag. Wow. I never sold anything before to anybody. It is my first step to the DIRECT SELLING. For 1 year I was the best salesman in the company. I traveled from city to city. I came back to the university. I graduated and I was send as a missionary to USA to work as a pastor among polish people. Something remained in me for all my life. It is is part one: DIRECT SELLING. 

Part 2 is: online marketing. 20 years ago we did not have computers, websites, cell phones. We had the same position, doing the same thing every day. everyday sales. No coaching, no training. In this country I was a pastor, a president of the flooring company, office employee, cleaning person. I did everything what possible to earn money. One day i get to know ACN company from Detroit. The person I was talking about ACN contacted me to his friend from Brooklyn, NY. He said: listen I do not have for something like that but I have a friend. He is doing something like that all the life. Wow. It was my next guru, Andrew. Here I knew MLM rules, products, dangers etc. With Andrew in the beginning and later, until  now by myself I did : beauty and health products, green energy, investments, revshares, really everything what is on the market. It is billions of dollars to earn. Thousands of products and great possibilities. There are 2 groups of people:positive and negative and I am between. I have my life and my dreams. MLM marketing is the same like DIRECT SELLING but you can achieve your goals faster. You do not need to be in China to have Chinese member in your team etc.

What is the good MLM company? A. The one who has an excellent leadership B. Excellent product people need. C. You can earn fast.

What do I wait in MLMDATEWAY? I am looking for people who likes surprises from life. You do not need to be a member of my team but you can learn my product, I can learn your product, we can be friends. Here there is no competition. Our time shows us what and where is SUCCESS and what and where is SCAM. But how you check it if you will not contact me using MLMGATWAY, if I will not contact me?

This article was published on 20.07.2016 by Dariusz Raczek
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Dennis Chikwayi Dariusz life is so amazing! I love the way you embraced the old school and the new school of MLM way of doing business.Thanks for sharing!  1 year ago

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