Announcing United Games Sports App

United Games is introducing a cutting edge sports games app that
allows live engagement with live games you are watching. This has  
never been done before but they have perfected this technology. 

Everyone should be doing this ... it's too easy not to do it.
For $10 a month?   

Look... here's the deal. Before they launch the app this Fall
they will cease from taking any new affiliates. That means that  
the existing affiliates get all the players that will download  
the app, and it's the players that we earn from. The money is  
ridiculous. There's never been anything easier... you give away  
a free app that is amazing, and that people will play and play  
and play, and you will get paid and paid and paid.. 

As existing affiliates, we just continue giving away the app to
players forever .... and there's more apps coming. Those who  
become affiliates now, before they turn it off, will be some  
lucky people! 

Get your Private Invitation Code here:

Some people wonder what the catch is... it's too good to be true
they say. But if you just plug in and learn the model you will  
see it's not.. it makes total sense. These other game companies  
are billion dollar companies and those players don't get the  
prizes and rewards like our players do. And our app blows them  

Those companies also don't share their revenues with the people
that are sharing the app. 

Don't let this one get by you ...

Our app is an amazing app ahead of it's time with new technology
that allows engagement and interaction with the LIVE games you  
are watching. It's a better way to play! No one else has this and  
no one else is doing it. 

Get your Private Invitation Code here:

There has been much speculation regarding United Games next
generation sports app. Here are a handful of examples of what  
our app WILL do.  

1. Before every game our app will have a number of Pre-Game Analysis questions.  
2. We will have Live In-Game Play Call predictions. 
3. Most Game play will require "tokens". 
4. Our virtual currency "tokens" can be acquired for No charge. 
5. Virtual currency "tokens" can be purchased. 
6. Every player may acquire 5 free tokens per day. 
7. The amount of tokens required to play during an entire sporting event will vary. 
8. Sometimes you could answer several questions with one token. 
9. The app has a sharing engine built in to reward players for sharing. 
10. There will be a limited number of affiliates that share in the revenue. 
11. You may play in multiple live games at one time. 
12. NFL Football and MLS Soccer will be the first sports for United Games. 
13. The opportunity will be available world wide on the day it is released. 
14. The app will be available for play on almost all smartphones and tablets. 
15. Answering questions correctly will result in points being rewarded to players. 
16. Physical tangible rewards will be given out for participation. 
17. There will be many aspects of the app that will not require "tokens" 

Whether you just like to play games or have a real interest in being an
affiliate - you need to join this right away. There is going to be an  
explosion when this launches! 

Get your Private Invitation Code here:

This article was published on 27.08.2016 by Doug Atkinson
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