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I own and operate a successful Marketing Business in Bali - Indonesia which operates both OFF and ON line and profits from both. The online business is booming and also provides the main platform to market the offline side. But on or off line in business you will always come across THE PROCRASTINATOR!

It never fails to amaze me when I look at a post I have made on Facebook, which may be advertising an opportunity or directing traffic to a great Blog article, how many people click 'LIKE' and yet have not actually clicked the link (which of course you can monitor with Facebook). How on earth do they know if they like it when they didn't even go and see it?

There are two wonderful - and true - quotes that I often use and live my life by. Procrastination is an emotion a lot like jealousy, they are both completely unnecessary if you trust and are prepared to take a chance on trust.

"IT'S NOT THE THINGS YOU DO IN LIFE THAT YOU REGRET. IT'S THE THINGS YOU DIDN'T DO YOU WILL ALWAYS REGRET" This is the first of the two quotes that I love and the older you get and the more you look back, you realise how true this actually is. Even mistakes you made in your life will have led you to something better.   

"LIFE IS WHAT PASSES YOU BY WHILE YOU ARE BUSY PLANNING IT" - John Lennon. How ironic that he should put this line in a song and then be shot down in the prime of his life. Again 100% true. You can think about something forever but if you don't get off your backside and do it you will only miss out on anther life experience.   

Procrastinators will never be entrepreneurs: A procrastinator will look at an opportunity and ask himself "How much will this cost me?". An entrepreneur will look at it and say to himself "How much will this make me?" It's a huge difference in MINDSET.

Here's an example and a test for you, the reader of this post. I have recently joined a new program called 25 Dollar Legacy. It is a real and sustainable MLM program offering some truly great products to marketers that will make its participants a good deal of money - certainly a good profit on their small start up cost.

  For me it was a no-brainer and I paid my $25 on day one. As I write this it is day 11 and I am over $600 in profit already which I was confident would happen. This money will be paid to me each month, not just once and the amount will grow as more people join my team. I am also helping them as they join. It is a simple and effective program and my target is at least $10,000 per month income from it by September this year or sooner.  

The Procrastinator looks at this and says to himself "I could lose $25" 

25 Dollar Legacy Rapid retirement Program 

WHAT?? Most people spend more than $25 on everyday things; A cheap meal out, a night at the pub (or half a night at today's prices), some petrol for the car, some cigarettes etc. etc. All the aforementioned things are 'MONEY SPENT - MONEY GONE' and yet "gambling" the same small amount on a real opportunity to get something great back is a hard decision. I got my $25 back in hours and another $600+ so far. I will be on $1,000 a month within a couple of weeks - and so on. ALL BECAUSE I DID NOT PROCRASTINATE.

You can see what 25 Dollar Legacy will do to improve your own life by CLICKING HERE

The procrastinators are those that cry "scam" or those that like to wait and "do some research" (I love that phrase). They make up 97% of people and while they are 'waiting' and 'researching' LIFE and OPPORTUNITY passes them by. The other 3% are those that take action and make money.

Personally: I LIKE BEING IN THE 3%

This article was published on 09.05.2016 by John Ward
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Vijay Kumar Good to be in your Team John... I Highly Recommended to Join 25DOLLARLEGACY.   1 year ago
Lorna Tillett Hi John, it is great to have you on board and also in 25 Dollar Legacy. The whole team is doing fantastic. They system is second to none. Lorna   1 year ago

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