Why Mirror Trading International?

Mirror Trading International (MTI) was founded in April 2019 by its CEO Johan Steynberg and a team of forex and cryptocurrency experts . They are a legally registered company in South Africa. Their head office is in the town of Stellenbosch (just outside of Cape Town).  MTI offers trading services and an opportunity for you to grow your Bitcoin as easily and effortlessly as possible, enabling people with no crypto or trading experience  to get involved.

Due to their incredibly quick expansion from a few members when they started, to 190 000 members in almost 200 countries in a mere 18 months, they have set up corporate structures and departments such as Legal and Corporate Governance, Research and Development, IT, Marketing and Communications and very importantly Support. There is an amazing group of staff and leaders making sure that MTI delivers on its promise, which is to grow your Bitcoin.  

MTI trades with Bitcoin as their base currency on the Cryptocurrency markets using an artificial intelligence trading bot and real life human traders who run, maintain and oversee the trades the AI software is making Monday to Friday.  

The daily profits are automatically added to your trading pool and compounded. While past performance is no guarantee of future performance, MTI have a good track record of achieving between 8 and 10 percent growth each month. When you factor in the excellent average monthly return they have achieved thus far for their members as well as the fact that your profits are compounded daily, you can see how your Bitcoin will start to grow very nicely. This is without even considering that the price of Bitcoin can escalate over time as well, which is what the experts are predicting will happen. 

There are no joining, admin or subscription fees and no withdrawal or deposit fees. Your entire Bitcoin amount goes into the trading pool and is traded for you by MTI. You can withdraw your funds or profits whenever you like and it will be processed within 48 hours. This easy access to your money whenever you need it, is how so many members are able pay their bills each month. You have full control and transparency via the member’s Back Office system. There you have access to the daily trading reports, profits owed to you, news and updates, withdrawal and deposit functions, educational resources, and more. 

Profits in MTI are generated through trade only. If there are no profits for the day, no one gets paid – not MTI, not the members and not the traders. Fortunately, they have only had 1 negative trading day to date, which was on the 7th of July 2020 and it was a very small loss. Their AI software is set to very conservative levels to minimise risk.  

The best part about being an investor with Mirror Trading International is that you don’t need to know anything about Crypto trading yourself. They do it all for you. This opportunity is therefore for everyone and anyone who wants to earn a truly passive income. 

Daily profits are divided as follows:

  • 40% to the members 
  • 25% to the traders who run the software daily 
  • 10% to MTI to cover the referral commissions and other admin related expenses, such as the website and support staff 
  • 20% to the Binary Profit Sharing Bonuses 
  • 5% to the Leadership Profit Sharing Bonuses 
For those who are passionate about building a business for themselves, Mirror Trading International offers a referral programme that allows members to start reaping rewards from developing a team network. This referral programme is completely optional and open to all members. If you are an entrepreneur, networker, go-getter or simply are prepared to put in the extra effort to maximise your earnings, chat to us at Team Bitcoin and we will guide and assist you. 

If networking isn’t your thing, don’t worry. The majority of members in MTI are pure investors who only have one interest and that is to grow their Bitcoin over time and/or draw a passive income from the profits should they need to.  

Becoming a member / investor of MTI is a simple and easy process. Just use the invitation/referral link that Team Bitcoin will provide you and create your account. You will then have 7 days to fund the account with Bitcoin. If you decide not to fund your account, the account will be deleted after 7 days.  

For more information as well as referral sign up links, visit our website www.teambitcoin.co.za

This article was published on 16.10.2020 by Nicky @ Team Bitcoin
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