My New Money Making System, that Pays out Cash On Autopilot!

Hi, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my simple money making system that pays out Cash on Autopilot!

Take a look & let me know your questions after you look it over.

This new program is going to help so many people get off the ground and start earning even if it's at the lowest level - it gets people a way to start earning to work their way up to the higher ticket programs to earn those bigger commissions and scale up!  

 Watch this video here My New Money Making System

It's a 1 up system - you get your first sale, your 2nd passes up to your inviter. The rest are direct to you. Each member you bring in will also pass one up to you and so on. 

 There are No monthly fees; & 4 options to get started, $25, $100, $250 or $500 - you earn 100% commission on each product purchase and any program below.  

There is a one time 10% admin fee payable at each level. So if you come in at $250 for example,  you'll earn money if people come in at the $25, $100 AND $250, but not on the $500 since you didn’t purchase it yet.   

If you go all in at the $500 level - you are already comped in at the lower levels and will earn on all four levels. That is truly amazing! 

 If you choose to purchase in at the $500 you will be added into our team rotator to help you get your first sale and your pass up sale. Then you come out, but your direct members are in to also earn their 2 sales, one of which will be passed up to you and so on all the way to infinity. So you'll always have a chance to be earning from the rotator.  

If you choose to purchase at the lower levels, $25, $100 & $250, you will still be supported by our team. We have an awesome facebook group where you can get all your questions answered.

Here is an example of some our team members get paid on autopilot. 

>>>>>>>>Click Here to Watch the Video

Let me know what questions you have after you watch the video and I’ll be happy to answer them.

The rotator is free and has no guaranteed timeline – but with our team we are all doing our part to promote it and drive traffic to that link to help everyone start to see sales as quickly as possible.  

Looking forward to seeing you earn payments on autopilot   

Your friend 

Gala Paschalidis

This article was published on 20.08.2016 by Gala Paschalidis
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