ZENNOA...Peace, Harmony, Balance and Freedom

Hello. My name is Janice Dixon.  I'm a Registered Nurse promoting a company and product in the Health and Beauty industry.  I've been involved in the Network Marketing Industry for over 20 years.  The first company my husband, Kevin and I joined we enrolled 1 person and made about $25 dollars the 3 years we were involved.  The experience we took from that company, which is priceless, is the personal growth and development from the books, tapes and seminars that we attended.  That endeavor prepared us for our next company.   

 We had a great deal of success in our next company that promoted a healthy juice product.  We earned over $500,00 dollars, a trip to Tahiti; Monaco, France; Switzerland, 3 trips to Hawaii, and the Bahamas over a 5 year span.  We learned leadership skills that helped us build a large profitable organization.  That company went on to become a billion dollar corporation. 

My husband and I spent a week with one of the owners of that Juice company, on our trip to Tahiti.  This gentleman has a heart of gold, and just wants to help people with their health and finances.  His integrity and determination to help others was a major factor for why we chose to assist him in taking this company and product to the market place.   We are now in a position to be pioneers, along side of many others who see the value this product has to offer the world. 

We are in the prelaunch phase of this new company. Its name is ZENNOA. ZEN from the Asian word meaning peace, harmony, balance, and NOA meaning "Freedom."  This company will revolutionize the industry of Network Marketing with our initial Omega blend product called, Core Care.  This is a full spectrum Omega blend utilizing Omega 3,6,9,5,7, the only one of its kind.  The omega essential fatty acids are healthy fats that our bodies need to function properly, and are just as valuable as proteins.  We're utilizing seed nutrition with the most pristine ingredients available.  It will target the skin, brain, heart and joints.  Everyone will have a health benefit once this product goes into their body.  There will be many more products to follow that we will build around the Core Care. 

 In addition to that. What makes this company Unique is the 10 ways we will be compensated.  One of those ways being the pipeline system. We're opening 2 markets simultaneously, the US and Japan.  The pipeline will allow you to have the US, and Japan as well as any other market that we will eventually open, in your downline.  Not only will you be compensated for the team you build, but also for the team the company is building for you in the pipeline.  No, this is not a binary plan where you have to balance the legs, but a pipeline. As you enroll, the next person that enrolls, whether it be in the US, or Japan, or any other country, will be in your downline and you will be compensated on that volume.  Now, how exciting is that.  

We are currently in the Pioneer phase. This started June the 28th and will run until July 31, at which time the website will close so no one can enroll, and all of the pioneers will be put in the pipeline, first.  The website will then reopen a few days later for everyone else to enroll.  The Core Care will be shipped in August.  The first compensation check will be shipped in September.  Then business will be carried on as usual.  

You still have time to be a pioneer.  You can go to http://jldixon.zennoa.com and enroll for $299.00 and get your position in the pipeline.  You will receive 6 bottles of the Core Care, 90 gel caps in each bottle.  2 bottles for you and 4 to share.  You will also receive a website with a back office and business cards to get started in your business. You will have all the help and support you need to build a successful marketing business.  

You will also have the opportunity to be apart of our Training academy, where you can earn your Certificate, Associate, Bachelors, Masters and PH.D in Network Marketing. We want to increase the success rate of every member joining our team. Mark my words, ZENNOA will be a household name.  Come and be apart of our Revolutionary company. Come and help us help others have Peace, Harmony, Balance and Freedom in their health and Finances. Then you can be one of the privileged individuals to say when this company reaches a billion dollar, "I was there in the beginning." By then it will show in your health and your finances.  Come join a winning team with a winning Product...ZENNOA.   

This article was published on 28.07.2016 by Janice Dixon
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Upenyu Chaurura Well written Janice. All the best.  1 year ago

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