I recovered my health in late 2015 after 6 years and 200K spent on western meds.

I created the Chronic Wellness Club in order to attract members who either need healing or wish to educate others about the importance of treating the root causes of illness and obesity naturally.  Plexus Supplements address the fundamental needs of the body to restore health, and my replicated websites and marketing materials will give ANYONE the power to easily grow a successful wellness business from anywhere!   Lets shrink BIG PHARMA together!!

See why I am so passionate, watch my story here: My Testimony

Get my free ebook and learn about my free wellness business offer here:  www.freewellnessbiz.com

I hand out business kits worth over $7500 for FREE to anyone interested in promoting the most effective wellness supplements on the market today. Get my E-Book at www.freewellnessbiz.com Our goal is to transform our population from one that abuses and overuses pharmaceutical drugs to one that recognizes the importance and effectiveness of treating the root cause of illness and obesity naturally.

The following must be accomplished to be truly healthy. We must oxygenate our entire body, reduce inflammation, stabilize blood sugar, detoxify and fortify our digestive tract. Doing so will stabilize hormones, improve immunity and enhance nutrient absorption. Until recently there were no supplement lines or affordable protocols that accomplished all of this with natural and synergistic ingredients. Now there is! We believe that in most cases people can fully recover their health as well as prevent disease without prescription drugs. 

We have aligned ourselves with Plexus Worldwide and we have created the most content rich marketing materials available. We provide websites, landing pages, printed and digital marketing materials completely free of charge.   

Orders are fulfilled online and no inventory purchase is required, making this a no risk opportunity to make a great deal of money and help bring awareness to natural remedies for the myriad of illnesses and obesity related health issues that plague our population today.


People want to be healthy, and help others get healthy too. I can tell you first hand that nothing feels better than helping others recover their health the right way. Most folks with chronic conditions never receive the proper treatments they need to heal, this is why they are "Chronically ill". When the Plexus products are introduced to the body the results can be amazing. I am living proof of this, as are MANY others.

The products help stabilize blood sugar, reduce inflammation, oxygenate the cells and fortify and restore health to the digestive tract. This strengthens the immune system and restores healthy energy levels. Most chronic symptoms improve greatly or vanish altogether.


* I got sick with mercury and autoimmune conditions in 2010

* I spent $200K over 5 years chasing a cure

* I was never accurately diagnosed or treated

* I devoted my life to Wellness and learned all I could

* I tried Plexus in 2015, and it WORKED!

* I got angry about Western Medicine's approach to health

* I decided to educate people about Plexus, but I didn't want to limit my reach to my "network"

* So, I built tools to help as many people as possible and make a real difference


This article was published on 09.03.2016 by Tobin Risner
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