Microshield Marketing Group Founder's Event

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 4.26.2021 From the Founder

Ladies and Gentleman …

 I am the founder of the Microshield Marketing Group. Our Team, our Affiliates, and Partners invite

you to the Official Pre- Launch of our brand new Network Marketing company. This Company is

the only one like it in the world, built around the most “in demand Product category” in the

world today. Before you is an opportunity like none ever. We at Microshield Marketing Group

are giving you an opportunity to profit from a product that you won’t find on Amazon, or in

Walmart, or Home Depot, but sold by you the Independent Business Owner. We built this

company to help solve today’s problems. Using a  new type of disinfectant, we can deal with all virus and

bacteria, and the world economy that was devastated by the pandemic. You get to help schools,

businesses, and gyms, as well as any occupied place residential, commercial, or industrial open

safely and fully using our revolutionary, long lasting, non-toxic, biodegradable, green, EPA

registered N listed antimicrobial product. Find the link below to register for the webinar and see

what all the excitement is about. Building a successful Network marketing organization is not

easy. As you know, getting it off the ground is the hardest part. Today you have the advantage of

no competition with the most in demand product and industry, as well as being 1st to “get in”

which, as you know that is crucial! We are looking to identify about 50 Leaders asap, for our

Company. People who can build, sustain, and lead an organization as Ambassadors. Of course, anyone

can, but if you are going to sustain a successful network marketing business, you need several things.   

 These are things that must be internalized and innate to you.

A DEFINED reason or Purpose

  First, you must define your reason or purpose… a burning desire to change your circumstance

and station in this life. In life on this earthly plane, there are no practice runs! One shot at it

that’s all anyone gets. Why not try to make your physical existence as pleasant and rewarding as

possible? Tick Tock, Tick Tock…what time is it on Your clock?  Why should you consider a home

business  work   from  home  opportunity  now?  The  answers  are  obvious?  Perhaps a job lost.                        

Maybe you wanted to do something in your life but could not, or something that you desire to have today, 

and  for  whatever reason you can’t?  You are still looking for an opportunity for a reason. For me, I

couldn’t stand working long hours anymore, trading my time for money for a pension that may

or may not be there, and missing the experience of my children growing up.  I traded my time for

money and didn’t realize how important that time was, but it was too late. I needed to have the

freedom of gaining control over my life and finances, but not be tied to building someone else's

dream, anyone’s time pressures or demands but my own. That was one of my reason for creating this

unique company, a driving dynamic... I felt a great disappointment from missing out on being

a larger part of my children’s formative years while chasing the Tuesday night opportunity after

work, only to have my friends and family tell me that idea won’t work, or you’re crazy.

Persistence and the thought of the freedom that succeeding in this or any business would

provide for me, my children, and my grandchildren moved  me. The product availability, leadership within

our partnership group, and timing, drove me to create this business. I found my answers. You must

find out what drives you to keep going even when the odds are against success.

BELIEF in your Plan of Action                                                                                                                                                 

   If you don’t believe that you can succeed in life, a home business, or make your living in network

marketing, you won’t. It’s that easy to separate winners from everyone else.  For me, knowing

that it was possible to succeed in Network Marketing was just understanding that many other

people were using that business model to make life changing money. We built this project for

you to succeed; If they succeeded, I would, and so will You. It would just be a matter of

providing a product or service that solves a problem, and then adapting it to the current

situation. There is no shortage of people, (millions of them) making life changing money in

network marketing all around the world, in many different companies. Just go and do some

research and you will find plenty evidence of people making real money. The truth is, it is

getting easier and easier to start and succeed in a homebased business, and in some cases

necessary. This is primarily because of the world “literally” closing, the Internet, and network or

affiliate marketing. In fact, the opportunity has never been greater than it is right now! There are

trillions of dollars circulating right now, all you have to do is go get them. I have always said that

“Network marketing” is the job of the future. In the “old” days, you had to go to a potential

employer, say how much money you expected, apply for the job and hope for the best. Now, you can simply 

join  the   company  you  want, fill  out  their paperwork and start working for yourself immediately.                                              

  Affiliates and network marketers are becoming the new working class because the world has changed…

Forever! Believe me, making money virtually with a home business, network marketing, or making your living 

using the Internet is more than possible. The key to creating financial freedom is to create multiple

streams of income, and network marketing is the "King" of multiple streams of income. The top 1% in our 

society earn and control 96% of all the money that is earned, and it’s not by accident. Making money is not 

taught in schools as a matter of course, therefore most people never learn how to earn money, let alone 

create wealth. They go through life happy to be employed, just “getting by”, living paycheck to paycheck.  

Microshield Marketing Group was born because of the pandemic, it was designed and built to give everyone 

willing to work for it, a chance at prosperity. An opportunity to change their life and the lives of future

generations of their family.  Just believe it is possible! The greatest transfer of wealth in the

history of man is on offer for those that can see it. $7 Trillion!!! … Think about that for a

minute…WOW!!! The homebased business is pretty much now, (or will be soon enough)

unavoidable, at least part `time. You have a chance to be ahead of that trend right now in an

emerging growth industry, Disinfecting...This is your chance… Don’t wait, TAKE MASSIVE

ACTION. Your very existence may depend on it. The Microshield Marketing Group Network

marketing opportunity is the “job” of the future that is here already, you just need to take

advantage of it. Imagine if I told you that we are a network marketing company bringing a brand

new product to market that you can use to enrich yourself… without competition. What if I told

you that we were bringing a product and service that everyone in the world, Needs, not wants,

NEEDS?... What if I said you were the first to join, a Founder, that’s right, first to join? Finally,

that it could allow “You” to create generational wealth for you and your family as we take this

product around the World… What would you do?... would you get involved?... if yes is the

answer, how fast would you do it? I am inviting you to our webinar, our Pre-Launch and it’s

happening now. Founders Invitation Only Event. Consider yourself informed.

They say information is knowledge. Now you have no excuse. Whatever it takes to join us on this

journey I would encourage you to do it. Believe me, the money you have saved or earned will never

be more valuable than it is today…Spend it wisely, invest in you and your dreams for a change.

Imagine for a moment the freedom, financial and otherwise.                                                                          

DECISION to Take Action

The philosophy you have to adopt to succeed with a home business is you must decide to take

action, you must know what it is you want, and you must have a plan to get there. Let’s face it most of us

have been home for the better part of the last year anyway. If you’ve gotten used to putting the

children on the bus, or sleeping a little late, or just working from home without the daily

commute, it could all be a permanent reality for you. All it takes is a decision. Decide that is

what you want to do going forward and take action now. A small investment and some

networking with the right, relevant, timely opportunity is all you need. Ladies and gentlemen

that is what we are offering, Today!... All are Welcome… anybody can do this, and everybody should.

Help us reopen society fully and put an end to this pandemic for good as we take this around the world.



This article was published on 26.04.2021 by Aaron Clough
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