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Tapestri - Unlimited Earnings on FREE app Helping Others Make up to $25/month

How would you like to earn money every time you give a FREE app away that actually helps people make up to $25 a month by doing nothing but living life? 

Let me introduce you to the new app called Tapestri. It's simply a free app that allows people to get paid on their data. The app works seamlessly in the background of their cell phone to allow consumers to earn money on their data, anonymously. A user can earn between $5 - $25 per month. There is an age stipulation. A user must be 16 years of age.

Along with earning on your data, you can also earn by sharing the app with others. A free user can earn $1 for every person they share the app with as long as they run the app on their phone. There is no minimum or maximum regarding  the number of apps you can give away. So, share with 10 people, get $10 every month. Share with 1000 people, get $1,000 every month! Truly, unlimited earnings by sharing a FREE app that actually helps people out!

There is also an affiliate opportunity within the business that allows you to earn more through bonuses which is not required but can definitely can increase the amount of money that you can make with Tapestri. 

If you choose to become an affiliate ($9.95 monthly fee), you can earn on everyone you share the app with and everyone THEY share the app as well. So, for example, you share the app who shares it with someone else, you BOTH earn $1. The earnings don't stop there!!!

Share this with 10 other people who become an affiliate and you become what's called a Super Affiliate. By becoming this, you get to earn a 50% match bonus on all affiliates on your 1st AND 2nd levels!!! What this means is that if an affiliate that you sign up makes, for example, $500 in earnings from their signups, you will get a bonus of $250!!! This also goes for the affiliates that are on your 2nd level (not signed up by you but were signed up by the affiliates that you signed up). 

Below is my link to sign up as an user or affiliate:

I have also created a fundraiser business to go along with this great affiliate opportunity that I think will actually help me grow my Tapestri business even faster and I would love for you to become a partner of it which is totally FREE!!!

My fundraising business is called United Fundraising. I can help groups with two great fundraisers that includes both the Tapestri app and another app called Fluz. 

Our mission at United Fundraising is to help any group, organization, non-profit, or team create a fundraiser that allows supporters to:

  • raise money now and on a perpetual, on-going basis 
  • develop a fundraiser that is FREE for supporters as well as helps them save or earn money
  • unite with other groups and raise MORE than they would by themselves

My fundraiser strategy can work with pretty much any group such as a church, sports travel team, school booster club, or non-profit. 

A little about the Fluz app... it's a cash-back app that allows you to get paid cash back instantly at hundreds of merchants when you use the app on your phone to pay. You can also share the app with family and friends and earn more when they use the app, too! Some of the merchants that you can get cash back from are Amazon, Uber, CVS, Dunkin, Dominio's, Papa John's, Walmart, Kroger, American Eagle, and many, many others. You can earn up to 35% back on cash back vouchers that you can get when you first sign up along with when you share the app with others. 

My fundraiser strategy comes into play when the app gives you the opportunity to earn bonuses by sharing with others. You can earn up to $2,000 with what they call the 2K Challenge. By sharing the app with 100 people that use the app at least once, you can make $2,000. I simply can show teams/groups how to share the app with others so that they can earn the $2,000.

I can also help groups earn another $2,500 by sharing with 4 other groups or teams looking for a fundraiser. By simply sharing with them the 2K Challenge in the Fluz app, a group can earn bonuses for those groups meeting certain goals. 

The way that you can make money with the Fluz fundraiser is by helping the groups work towards the goals of the 2K Challenge along with creating a network of Fluz members using the app. Every time someone downloads and uses the app, they become a member of your network and you earn a little money each time they use the app to pay for groceries, pizza, etc. As you share this with more and more groups, your network gets bigger and bigger and you'll earn more money with more transactions. 

You can also make money by sharing the Tapestri opportunity with groups much like above with the Fluz fundraiser. As you read above with the information about how the Tapestri app and how the affiliate program works, you can easily see how you could make a tremendous amount of money by sharing the Tapestri app with groups and helping them share it with other groups. I can easily see how someone could earn a SIX FIGURE income by working with various groups to help them with their fundraiser needs. The income potential is unlimited!!!

Below is my website link... please contact me if interested. My information can be found on the website.

This article was published on 21.09.2021 by Bryan Jones
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Tapestri - Earn on Data, Free to join

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