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TREVO BUSINESS EXPLAINED Join trevo with ($150)  127400You get A personalised website that you can use to do your biz online. A customized account opened for you to receive your commissions & for enrolling other people into Trevo network marketing. And you get 3 bottles of Trevo( drink one and try sell the 2 for $70 ) share your trevo testimony and use it to bring people into trevo network( you are able to earn $60 to $480 on each person you introduce to trevo network depending on the number of bottles they start with and your own enrollment level) (when the this people introduce others you will qualified to earn $12 to $96 on each person they introduce). You can get 5people and work with them to get their own 5 people .let’s assume you only introduce just one person and the person is able to build a team of like 1000 to 3000 people to trevo network on the long run (remember this is not your own effort)for your team’s transaction with trevo, you will be paid commissions. In trevo we are all expected to buy trevo every month (to stay active you need to buy 1 to 6 bottles) and this qualifies you to earn when people in your team also buy. ( AUTOSHIP ). On the average,for anyone buying 6 bottles in your team, you get average of 10 dollars. For 3 bottles you get 5 dollars and for 1 bottle, you get 3dollars now here is the big picture !!!! If 1000 people in the team of the person you brought into trevo buys 6 bottles monthly trevo will pay you an average of $10 dollars in 1000 places monthly for as long as the trevo product exist on planet earth and that's how you make a cool 10,000 dollars monthly for just discovering a good multi-level marketing person for trevo company. Wait,that' s not all . All the transaction of this 1000 people gets you points and the month your points accumulate to 13000 points, you will become a Director with Trevo LLC Oklahoma USA and you are able to share 1% of Trevo’ monthly sales. (Trevo puts aside 15% of the monthly global sales for the 15 levels of Directorship and as your points increase, the percentage you share also will increase) now hear this interesting one !!! The month you achieve 45000 points from your team you get a brand new car award from Trevo. Now, I’m sure you now understand why trevo excites me. In Trevo we don’t preach get rich quick ,money bank ,money doubling or money chain e.t.c what we do is we train you to discover your natural marketing potential through word of mouth testimony, we allow you to build your Trevo business at your own pace, it will not disturb what you do presently. I do it as a part time business but it pays me more than my major job. There's no limitation to the amount of money you can earn in TREVO. Give this idea a serious thought, and remember, a dream remains a dream until you wake up from your sleep and make it a reality. Trevo has a single line matrix system where you earn commissions on everyone that registers into Trevo after you registered, whether you brought them or not, whether in thesame Country with you or not!! It's a biz of 1st come, 1st serve!! You are paid on the transactions of people globally enrolling into Trevo as far as you came in before them. The Company requires that you register at least 1 active leg to unlock your  on everyone that enrolls after you. One active leg in Trevo can take you to Ruby Director's table which implies, one active leg can make you earn millions. A TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU.... To know more about TREVO whatsapp+237674316644 or click here

This article was published on 27.11.2016 by Jinka Julius
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TREVO LLC - nutrition, health, , 150 USD to join

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