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I am receiving a lot of inquiries here however I dont reply since I already put the website and all the instruction on my profile. 

And I will do it again, you can connect me on FACEBOOK or you can simple visit HERE.  Subscribe or message me there. I am not wasting time for all the tire kicker and for all those who cannot follow a simple instruction. 

What will you get if you joined sherlock? 

You will learn how to help people save time and money whi doing that, youre building your own residual. 

We will show you the step by step procedure from building list to prospecting to closing the deal. 

We dont brag how much you can earn feom this company, however if you are teachable and coachable you will make money.

On the support, we will provide all the tools that you need, skype is very important. We have the best life coaching, life mentoring, business coaches and metors to train you. 

We believe that knowledge is the key, if you have the attitude to push your self into the limit you will succeed. Youre not alone, you will have a team to be with you anytime.

Whats new? 

We are proud to announce that sherlock 2.0 is ongoing for the update August 1. 

We are going and currently looking for a leader from India, Ghana, Colombia and other asian coutries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysi, Indonesia, Philippines.

September 5 to September 10 Ill be in Mumbai India for a business trip so if you are seeing this, please connect with me on facebook http://www.facebookcom/kerpzz.

So, if you are serious making extra income to help your budget monthly, think about helping people, sharing the mobile app to your friends, family, relatives and local, who does not love cheap price when shopping?

Mobile ecommerce marked 1.6Trillion last year alone and 67% is coming from mobile, I believe you already get the logic of what I am trying to point out here. 

We are the No-Competitors in Multi level marketing especially in this industry, so competitions is quite easy for us to market, since we arw not selling anything. We are giving away a free app that can help people save time and money. 

You can make money from us in 9 ways which is well explain here

Thank you.

This article was published on 31.07.2016 by Alfred Sumawang
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