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Well let me start by telling you about Bitcoin first

Bitcoin is the first Cryptocurrency was mined in 2009 and in the public exchange it was being traded for 0.10$ and by 2013 it took speed and the price for 1 Bitcoin was 1203$.

Of course I heard about Bitcoin back in 2011, when I heard about Bitcoin and guess what I didn't believe in it at all. I made two mistakes first, I listened to my stupid friends and the second mistake i made is I asked google for opinion. Guess what there were articles over articles and a lot of negativity about Bitcoin.

The people who was a little bit smarter than me and they took the risk to get involved in Bitcoin and guess what? I missed the BOOM, maybe you missed the BOOM. The next question is are you ready riding the next Cryptocurrency BOOM because this is for sure going to be Onecoin.

People called Bitcoin a scam, pyramid scheme or whatever and guess what from the past 7 years in the financial market and look how many millionaires Bitcoin has created.

However there are some disadvantages about Bitcoin I would like to say.

  • In order to mine Bitcoins, you have to have super fast computers. 
  • You have to have a lot of mathematical skills. 
  • Bitcoin was misused in the black market for example for buying drugs and weapons. 
  • They have only 21 million coins because its a very old algorithm. 
  • Not many active users 
  • Not a global usage 


What else can be a better option than investing in Cryptocurrency?

Why should I invest in paper currencies? Don't you remember the crises happened in 2008? Don't you know the paper money keeps dropping down in value overtime? The government takes huge amount of loans and to get rid of the depth what they do is, they print more currency. Printing more paper money doesn't have any effect on my wealth? well let me tell you it destroys my wealth...

People say digital currency have no value well let me tell you the paper money you use is it backed by something? where the value comes from? please educate yourself first then start passing comments because you certainly don't know how money works. 

It is clearly not me who believes in Cryptocurrency or Digital Currency, it is actually the people such as Bill Gates or Ben Barnanke say's that digital currency are the future. 

I won't say much about OneCoin but I will give you some facts that you might need to use to do your own research. You might know already that Onecoin is just over a year old and has broken many records like..

  • 1.8 Million Members. 
  • Over $2.3 Billion Market Share. 
  • Over $1 Billion revenue in very first year. 
  • 245 countries. 
  • 300 Millionaires in the last 12 months. 
  • Over 25,000 members earning 6 figures a month. 
  • Over $125 Million a week in sales. 
  • Over 7000 Customers buying packages everyday. 
  • And Onecoin is just getting started.

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No Auto ship, No monthly charges. Keep promoting the business, find new miners and earn bonuses, collection as many as coin before they hit the public exchange, however I can sell my coins right now if I want to but why would I? if i can sell them for higher value. Right now 5.64 Euros for each coins, imagine the value of each coin 100 Euros?

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This article was published on 06.05.2016 by Zeshan Hossein
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