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100 Prospects in Less than 2 Minutes

You have a business and you want to earn money, right? Well we all know that feeling of I just joined this business a week ago and I want my first check within 2 weeks; like a job, right? Well, when you’re in business for yourself it doesn’t quite work like that. You have to jump in and build a downline, find people, build relationships; unless you already have built a downline previously, but even still, you have to convince that downline to move with you into your new venture. Building that downline takes time, patience, can be frustrating at times. This is why 98% of people in Networking Marketing fail. A lot of people just aren’t going to put that time into trying to find people to join their business. A lot of people don’t like to hear the word NO! Nobody does and if you are a seasoned Network Marketer you know that you will hear the word NO more than you will hear the word YES!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that there is a way to have prospects come to you? Yes, people that you don’t know, never met, just join your business because you have something in common and they can relate to you and what you’re offering them. What you have in common is the desire to succeed in business and make more money. Wouldn’t you think that millions of people would share those two things in common with you? I’ve found a way to make that happen for me. I teamed up Joel Broughton, the man who created Postcard Networker and that’s what Postcard Networker does. You just mail out postcards monthly and people will join you in business because they share those common things too. They want to make more money and if they are in business already, they need prospects (LEADS) on a continuous basis. 

What makes this postcard company the best is you can join for FREE. You don’t even have to search for the leads. Just get the postcards and they come professionally ready to be sent with the leads already affixed to the postcards. All you have to do is mail them. It doesn’t get easier than that. Plus, it allows you the opportunity to promote your other business and when people look at your Postcard Networker site, they also see your other business. Trust me when I tell you that many of us are gaining more prospects to our primary business because of Postcard Networker. More MONEY! Also, there is this 100% matching postcards. Let’s say that someone joins under you for FREE and orders postcards; they will send you matching postcards of how many they ordered. 100, 200, 500; you get for free. Just mail place a stamp on them and mail them. Many have joined for free and never spent a dime because of the free matching postcards. The company also does all the follow-ups for you, including an email campaign. Then with Postcard Networker, there is the opportunity to be paid on 4 levels. There is also free training on how to promote any business with online and advertising training. This is a no brainer to me. Click this link here now to see just how easy this is and tell me can you do this? 

If so, click here to get started for FREE now!  

Cynthia Acoff 

This article was published on 22.06.2017 by Cynthia Acoff
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