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To build something of lasting value you must build a network of like minded persons. This requires conscious effort and some form of deliberate plan. 'I would argue that success in nearly every aspect of life comes down to your ability to build meaningful relationships- both personal and professional.' Your wealth flows through your network. build your network even before you'll need it. Build relationships. Offer value, Invest in people. Use your skills and what you already know and offer help and assistance. Volunteer your services, connect, contribute. A time will come that you need will flow effortlessly to you through the networks you've built over time. Creation a network is imperative because you can't succeed alone. Life is not meant to be run on your own. You need a team or vital connections that will provide the needed link to help you arrive at your next level. you will provide a link, others will provide a link. That way we all link up and grow up. 'The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else  looks for work. Your network is your net worth' Robert Kiyosaki. 'Giving connects two people, the giver and the receiver, and this connection gives birth to a new sense of belonging'. @Deepak Chopra. "Networking is an essential part of building wealth.' @Arightside. Wealth comes from big goals and sustained action toward those goals everyday........ To keep your goals alive you must take action every single day for at least two hours. No one should care about your money and success more than you do. Human beings are always looking to hack their way to an easier life. The reality though is that our greatest achievements will take hundreds or even thousands of hours to complete. That's fine, but only if it's work we're passionate about. It's possible to make plenty of money doing work you're indifferent towards, but if you just don't care, what's the point? If you have to work a job that you dislike at you own project/business on the side. The more time you can dedicate everyday, the faster you'll reach your goals. 

No matter the strange reality upon us, the theory and postulation you may have had so far about yourself, I will like to say to you that we are still the hope of our family and countries, keep giving out postive energy. Don't allow your current situation take away your sanity! Interested in our business, whatapp me on +2349025288237 so that we can talk better on your will be earning your residual incomes, Thanks and have a nice day. 
This article was published on 15.06.2019 by Okafor Patrick
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James Wright great annoucement you r 100% right about networking!  1 year ago

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